“If it weren’t for the last minute nothing would get done.” (Unknown)

This is a great quote. I wish I knew who said it because it is so true. How many of us spend our whole lives in one constant attempt to squeeze one more thing into the last minute? And then, when we get to the latter stages of life, the last minute becomes a literal deadline. One minute we’re here and the next minute we’re not.

My earliest memories of working with my father were always about time. We had clocks or timers attached to all of the equipment associated with photography. Tenths of a second mattered more than hours or days. That sense of urgency is deeply imbedded in my psyche and it made me who I am. I’m hard-wired with an internal clock that is so precise I don’t even need an alarm clock. If I set an alarm clock, I will invariably wake up five minutes before it goes off. The only time it failed me was after a 37 hour work marathon that stretched over two days. I woke up long enough to turn off the clock but then I went right back to sleep. Thankfully, I had great employees and one of them bailed me out on the next deadline.

Time is the one thing in life that is completely irreplaceable, yet we treat it like there’s an unlimited supply. I can promise you there is not and making the most of it should be our highest priority, not an afterthought. I know my years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes are numbered and I want to get the most out of them before the clock stops forever. That’s partly why I chose to work with foster children. For these kids, every good minute is a blessing because they are few and far between. I try hard to give them a little relief from the unrelenting turmoil that comes from broken homes and childhood trauma. No kid should ever have to grow up in a system where time stands still.

The problem for all of us is that time is unpredictable and precarious. We don’t know what is coming and we don’t know how much of it we will have to spend. We wake up every day expecting time to behave rationally and it bites us in the butt. The phone rings, the line at Starbucks is out the door, traffic is crazy, a dozen emails need to get answered and the meeting runs long because someone else has no sense of urgency at all. It’s now 3 PM and the day’s work is just getting started. Where did it go? What happened to our carefully organized plans for the day? All we can do is take a deep breath and make the best of it. We stay a little later to get caught up, we steal a few minutes after dinner to answer more messages and we get up a little earlier the next day to try again. All the while the clock is ticking and your life is too.

My advice to those of us who want to get the most enjoyment out of every single second of our existence is this, don’t let your life become a race to the finish. We all get there eventually but the lucky ones understand the value of meaningful moments along the way. And for me at least, those moments usually include an act of kindness done for someone else. I try to remember to say thanks as often as possible. I smile at people in the store and help little old ladies with their shopping carts. I tell jokes whenever someone needs a laugh. I’m not going to change the future but I can change that exact moment in time into something positive for that one other person.

For me, time is an experience that begs to be shared with as many people as possible. We’re all going through this life together and every connection we make is a precious chance to gather another minute from someone else. When I add my minute to their minute we get two minutes of shared enjoyment. That’s really the best kind. We’re just two people coming together for the sole purpose of expressing our humanity. We get more by giving more.

I want to invest my remaining time in people, nothing else. I want to do things every day that make me appreciate every second and I want to do them with you. Let’s all look for ways to make a difference in the lives of others. Let’s share the joys of life as often as possible with everyone we meet and let’s not wait for the last minute to get this done.

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“Lots of sheep, but no dog.” (Guy Horst)

Once upon a time there was a man named Joe. He was an executive for a large company in Chicago. Joe was good at meeting corporate expectations and keeping his boss happy. He rose through the ranks and finally achieved his American dream. Then it all fell apart. His company started a new HR program with 360 degree reviews and Joe didn’t do so well with his own people. He only lasted another year before he was asked to resign and given a severance package. When his wife found out, she left him.

Joe was starting to wonder why this had happened when he finally got some good news. A distant relative had died and left Joe his ranch in Montana. Joe decided that this was just the break he needed, so he packed up and moved to the ranch. His uncle had done well and the house and property were in good shape but Joe still needed a job. There weren’t many openings for senior management in the mostly rural community, so Joe thought about farming. He looked around at the neighbors and realized that most of them were raising cattle, bison or sheep. One of them even offered to sell Joe a flock of sheep to help him get started. Joe paid the going price for the sheep and had them moved to his ranch .

After a short while, it became apparent to Joe that sheep weren’t all that smart. They just ran away every time he went out to feed them or tried to round them up. A few of them were always trying to get away and they got caught up in the barbed wire fence. Some even succeeded but inevitably got killed by the coyotes. Joe mentioned this at the local co-op one day and another man offered to sell Joe some smart sheep. He assured Joe that his sheep were much more intelligent than the average sheep and they would lead the dumb ones Joe had. Joe bought a dozen of these smart sheep to manage the flock but soon realized he had been taken. The smart ones would come in for food and could be herded into a pen for shearing but they had no effect on the rest of the flock.

In desperation, Joe went to the county extension office and explained his problem. The county agent came out to visit and after looking around for a few minutes he said, “Well Joe, here’s your problem. You’ve got lots of sheep but no sheepdog.” Joe looked puzzled and said, “Why do I need a dog? Wouldn’t a dog just kill the sheep like the coyotes do?” The agent replied, “I don’t think you understand. A sheep dog, like a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd, is specially bred and trained to manage a whole flock of sheep. They protect them from predators, they keep them moving so they don’t over graze a pasture and they keep them from running off. They will even bring them right into your pens when you need to shear them or feed them. Sheep dogs are good at what they do and every flock needs at least one.” Joe asked, “Where can I get a good one?” The agent said, “The county fair starts next week and sheep herding is one of the events. There will be lots of good dogs with their breeders. I’m sure you can buy one there. You should come. It’s a lot of fun too.”

Joe was there on the first day of the herding event and he was amazed at the tenacity and intelligence these dogs displayed. One dog could move a hundred sheep by just barking and nipping. The sheep did exactly what the dog wanted and the dog made it look easy. Joe settled on an Australian Shepherd named Jack and he went home that night convinced he was on his way to being a successful rancher. The next day he let Jack out with the sheep. Jack paced around nervously and kept looking at Joe. Joe never said anything so Jack sat down in the shade. Joe grabbed his cell phone and called the breeder to demand an explanation. The breeder listened to Joe’s rant and then said calmly, “Joe, he’s a dog. You’re the boss. Did you tell him what you wanted him to do? He’s smart but he still needs a master who gives him good directions. If you would bring him by my ranch, I will tell you what words and hand signs to give him to get him to work for you.”

Joe and Jack got the training and started working as a team. Whatever Joe needed, Jack was eager to do and they thrived together. Soon enough, Joe was making a good living and he owed it all to Jack. When Jack finally died, years later, Joe placed a sign over his grave that said, “One good Shepherd is worth more than a thousand sheep.

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“The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.” (Harlan Ellison)

I always thought that winning a Nobel Prize was an incredible accomplishment, that only the best and brightest could ever achieve. It turns out I was wrong. Apparently, Nobel Prize winners can be just as ignorant and foolish as the rest of us. This week, it was revealed that a Nobel Prize winning scientist named Tim Hunt is actually one of the most clueless men to ever walk the planet. Here’s the link to the article for background purposes.


I’ve been around now for 60+ years and my opinions are based on real life experiences, both good and bad. So let me just say this once and for all. I would rather work with a department full of distractingly sexy women than one, Tim Hunt. Here’s why. Arrogant and insensitive men, like Tim Hunt, are a pain . This is just my opinion so please don’t waste your time trying to disprove it. Are their arrogant, insensitive women in the world? Absolutely, but they’re outnumbered 10 to 1 by men like Tim Hunt. Mr. Hunt thinks women cry too much. Maybe that’s because they have to work with men like him. It’s called causality, Tim. It’s a science term you should know by now.

The part of this story that makes my point is the way the women reacted. Taking photos and demonstrating their distractingly sexy side was absolutely the best response possible. They didn’t cry or complain, they just outsmarted him in a way that convincingly refutes his thesis. They didn’t even resort to calling him names, which is usually the go to response for most people in a similar situation.

Which brings me to the main point I would like to make. When are we ever going to stop generalizing about humanity? Every time someone utters this kind of nonsense it is immediately recognized as a completely irrational statement. In my experience, there are few, if any, absolute character traits that define the sexes and the same could be said for ethnicity and nationality. For every single idiotic generality I’ve ever heard, I can give a dozen examples of why it doesn’t make sense. In the end, the only thing we ever learn about humanity is that we are all equally capable of being clueless when it comes to understanding human behavior. Frankly, I would rather spend my time enjoying my relationships than wasting a minute in some futile attempt to categorize character traits. Maybe we should have a Nobel Prize for Stupidity and they have to pay the money back.

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“Integrity has no need of rules.” (Albert Camus)

This is one of my favorite quotes and somehow it finally found its way into my subconscious dream last night. It’s probably the result of too many times lately when my integrity has bumped up against the rules the state has instituted for the care of foster children. If we all had enough integrity, we wouldn’t need rules to govern our behavior. Unfortunately, integrity is in such short supply that we are left with rules for everything. Here’s how the collision of these two opposing forces exploded in my dream last night.

I woke up this morning not rested at all and with a headache to match. As I sat down for breakfast and popped open my laptop, I was surprised to find an old TV test pattern on my screen and it kept repeating the same audio message, “Stay tuned for an important public announcement at noon today.” I could do nothing to remove this virus from the computer so I went to check my phone. It had the same message and it wasn’t working either. Then I checked the TV and it was no different. I even tried my one TV with an antenna and it was there as well. With my head still reeling from the pain, I went back to bed and set my clock for 11:45.

I tossed and turned for a few hours but I can’t say it helped. Finally, I got up, took a shower and got dressed just in time for the big news. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV just in time to see the test pattern slowly fade to black and the same voice begin to speak.  “Greetings people of Earth, this is your Lord God Almighty speaking to you in every language so that all can hear my words. I come to you in person today to clearly communicate my plans for your continuing existence on this planet. It has become abundantly clear to me that the evolution of the human race has reached a critical point. And yes, evolution is part of my plan. It’s the natural outcome of having free will and you all have taken full advantage of that. You now stand ready to take the next great leap forward in your development, if you freely choose. There’s just one catch. This time you will go it alone. I won’t be there to save you if you make the wrong choices. That is what you wanted isn’t it, the right to do whatever makes you happy?

You now have the intellectual capacity to reason, to decide and to act on your best interests so why would you want me around anyway? I could have made you into slaves that blindly followed my every whim but then faith wouldn’t mean much would it? No, I gave you free will and asked you to believe in me without any real proof of my existence. Some of you have been faithful but most of you have chosen to ignore my expectation to “Love one another as thyself.” That’s your right and I’m only a little surprised you made that choice. Free will works both ways and having control over your own destiny is a powerful motivator in the evolution of humans.

If you ever tried to understand my intentions you might have noticed that I really didn’t expect that much. Thou shall not kill, lie, steal, cheat, envy or have any other gods before me seemed to me to be a fairly reasonable request but again some of those can conflict with your desire to get ahead in life. Having a conscience and a higher purpose in life does make it a lot harder to be successful, so I can see where my expectations have met with the most resistance. Again, it was your choice and I respect you for making your own decisions. It’s just that my expectations are kind of essential to humanity as a whole. When you put your wants ahead of others needs you make it really hard for someone else to have enough to survive. I was hoping that fairness and a sense of togetherness would be self-evident ways to live as opposed to the mantra of me first, last and only. That’s the problem with free will, it’s unpredictable, even for someone as omnipotent as I. I chose not to control your every thought and I still believe that was the right decision in spite of the many great tragedies that mankind has brought on itself with avarice, hatred and the lust for power. You all made the choices and you all paid the price. It’s not what I wanted for you, but you didn’t ask me for advice.

Now it’s time to make another individual choice, and this one’s the biggest one yet. I am preparing another planet like Earth, in a parallel universe, and I am looking for people who would like to start a new life there. The people who go there will have an entirely different expectation this time around. This time the expectation will be absolute and undeniable. You will love one another as yourself or else you will be put to death immediately. It’s just another theory I want to test that given the highest possible expectation of existence, most true believers will easily accept this responsibility because the benefit far outweighs the cost. By establishing a new world where fairness and equality are the greatest achievements anyone can hope for, all of the bad parts of humanity will be eliminated. There will be no need for armies or policemen to enforce the power of the few over the many. There will be no need to legislate an endless supply of rules that govern all human interactions. On the other hand, there will be unlimited time to educate everyone, to fulfill every individual’s capacity for humanity and to share the joys of life.

I will give you all 24 hours to make your decision. I promise that the new planet will have all of the natural wonders that Earth does and your lives there will be every bit as good as the best parts of this planet. I also promise to remove every vestige of my name from the Earth, when I go. After tomorrow, there will be no recollection that God was ever part of this planet’s history. Every building and institution that ever used my name will be removed and the space will be taken up by green grass. I will also take with me the Constitution of the United States because it was written with my influence. There will be no printed money in any country of the world because most of it has my name on it. You’re all pretty good at printing lots of that so it shouldn’t be a huge problem to replace it. There will be no laws of any kind in your new godless world but since you are all so good at making decisions that best serve you, it should be easy to make up some new ones. The good news is that you really don’t need that many, this time around. Free will makes rules pretty irrelevant. I mean, if it feels good, you should be able to do it and without faith based morality to get in your way, there will be no absolute rules to argue with anyway.

Those of you who prefer to stay here will get everything you truly deserve, I promise that too. I will not intervene in any way to alter the future of Earth based on the choices you make as individuals going forward. This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime for those of you who prefer free will over faith. I am excited to see exactly how the two Earths progress from this point forward. And finally, I will get to test the theory put forth by Albert Camus that, ‘Integrity has no need of rules’.”

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“A dog is a man’s best friend PERIOD”

When I write this blog I try to be an objective observer of life and as rational as possible. Today, I will be neither objective nor rational so you’ve been warned. I just finished reading this article on Yahoo. Here’s the link and if you don’t read the whole article then don’t bother reading this post.


Reading this story was painful for me and I’m sure those of us who have a normal amount of compassion as humans will be just as enraged as I am. If this is the best we can do for our canine companions, we should all be ashamed. Considering all the wasteful spending that Congress has approved over the years, wouldn’t you think just once they could get one right? Taking care of dogs who were drafted into the service of their country, who risked their lives protecting presidents and politicians, who saved an average of 150 lives, who saved the taxpayers countless dollars by doing their jobs relentlessly should be the easiest decision any Congressman could ever make. They did none of that. The bill they passed was worded in such a way that it means nothing.

This shall not stand. We cannot do this to the world’s greatest animal. What dogs have done for humanity is second to none. Protector, companion, hunter, friend, guide… there aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe them adequately but the government lists them as equipment? They didn’t even ask for the job they were given and they never got paid for risking their lives. Would any politician ever do that?

So then, if the government is just that corrupt or stupid or dysfunctional that they can’t even take care of dog veterans, well then it’s up to us to do it for them. We the PEOPLE of the United States of America owe it to them big time. This debt is greater than that other one no one wants to talk about either because this one is all about humanity and compassion which are the character traits that define these dogs. Dogs don’t expect anything from us except our love and our time. They would die for us without hesitation and if we can’t figure out a way to return that compassion to them then we have no right to call them our friends.

If you’re still reading this and you’re not crying or as furious as I am, then I need to work on my writing skills. If, on the other hand, you believe in humanity and realize that we’re being tested by this crisis, then here’s what you can do. Write your Congressmen and tell them in no uncertain terms that wasteful spending for their pet projects will get them voted out of office if these dogs aren’t taken care of after their service is over. But please don’t stop there. Even if Congress decides to do what’s right, it will take months for them to actually do it. These dogs can’t wait for the molasses in January way that Congress moves. If everybody gave up one cup of drive-thru coffee in favor of making a donation to any of the organizations listed in the Yahoo article, then these dogs would be taken care of forever. One cup of coffee in exchange for the greatest companion ever known to man? That’s nothing and so far that’s all we’ve ever done for these dogs. Come on America, let’s show these dogs how much we care and how grateful we are that they share this planet with us. It’s called humanity for a reason and this is our chance to prove it.

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“There is a destiny that makes us brothers, None goes his way alone, All that we send into the lives of others, comes back onto our own.” (Edwin Markham)

I never had any brothers but I was blessed with five of the best male cousins any man could ever want. Allen McClintick, Tom McClintick, Bruce McClintick, Dan Croswell and Jack Croswell were more like brothers to me because we all shared a common ancestry with our Grandfather McClintick. To be one of only six men on earth who could say, “Yep, that’s my grandpa,” put us in an exclusive fraternity we all cherished with a passionate fervor, few can comprehend. We are closer than any other cousins I have ever known.

We all ended up in different parts of the country but the common ground of our place in Minnesota kept us close in spite of geography. We each made the journey to the property  and did our share of the work that was always plentiful. It’s called paying your respects and hard work was the only form of payment my Grandfather McClintick would have accepted from us. Every descendent of Guy R. McClintick was blessed with a name that equated with honesty, compassion, integrity and dedication. We all accepted the mantle of responsibility that came with this incredible inheritance.

Now that we’ve reached the latter stages of life and we face the end of days, I believe we will be closer than ever. We’ve already lost Dan Croswell and Tom McClintick but there are no regrets for any of us. We all did our part to make the world a better place and followed every rule our Grandfather McClintick taught us about dedication and faithfulness. That’s what it takes to call yourself a McClintick Grandson, an undying desire to make a difference every day until there are no more days. It was always the path less traveled but made easier by our Grandfather’s footsteps leading the way. His guidance fortified us for every difficulty and created a bond that will never be broken, even in death.

I love my cousins like brothers and I’m proud of who they are and what they have done with their lives. They raised good kids, loved their wives, worked hard, played harder and helped others wherever they went because to do any less would be unacceptable to any McClintick. Life is hard but living is easy when you have a family around you who shares the joys and sorrows that come every day. We’re close as a family because we work at it and we accept God’s plan for our lives, unequivocally. We don’t waste our precious gift of time by dwelling on what might have been but rather we focus on what still needs to be done and how to get there.

I’m looking forward to being reunited with my cousins in the next life and I just hope there’s plenty of work that needs to be done in Heaven. Our Grandfather has been there for decades so I’m sure he’s got many things planned to keep us happy for eternity. It will be great to be together once more, sharing the load with my Grandpa, my dad and my uncles. Heaven will never be same after all the McClintick men get there.

Even God will be amazed!

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“I remember things the way they should have been.” (Truman Capote)

Memories are funny things. One man’s comedy is another man’s tragedy, or so it seems after the fact. Many of the stories I have told here on WordPress are vivid recollections of events from my past but are they true or just the way I want to remember them? I think I have a very good memory but every once in a while I get challenged by someone else’s version of the same story. Today’s post is my version of one such story.

The summer of 1968 is fondly remembered as the Summer of Love. I was only 14 that year but I sure didn’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime event. I couldn’t make it to San Francisco to join in all the fun with the flower children and DeadHeads so I had to settle for one week at the lake in Minnesota to make my mark.

Her name was Connie Larson and she was the most gorgeous girl from Minnesota I ever met in all my summers at Portview Resort. Connie was one of six sisters who came there every summer but I only remember four of them being there that year. She was a year older than me and it was very apparent I was in over my head but that didn’t stop me. I followed her around for a week hoping for a few precious moments of soulful bliss and she didn’t disappoint. I made sure her cabin was attended to every day with fresh firewood and clean garbage cans. I offered her guided tours of the property even though she knew the place as well as I did. We played together in the sand at the beach in front of her cabin and that summer I even swam across the lake and back just to show off for her. It was a mile swim that I only did once, so yes it’s a big deal. As I recall, I even swam it after I got stung by a hornet that same day. She was a whole year older, I had to do something extraordinary. For that act of bravery I got her undivided attention for the rest of that day and evening. I never hurt so good in all my life.

By the end of the week, we were inseparable and planning next year’s summer vacation at the lake. After five days of being missing in action, my mom was starting to get worried about me and the blonde love of my life. She even caught us fooling around in the old icehouse. It was still full of sawdust and it was the perfect place to hide out from the world while we planned our future together. My mom didn’t share my enthusiasm for blondes and sawdust and she quickly decided that this ancient structure was a death trap. She even had my grandfather tear it down before the next summer. Truth be told mom, we never even kissed but it was kind of fun seeing your face when you thought so. After the best week of my life, Connie left me all alone to face my future. We never saw each other again and the resort closed a year later.

My summer of love was over before I knew it and my childhood memories gave way to manhood and little time for romantic notions. That’s probably how it should be because fantasies are always better left unfulfilled. I went home that summer actually believing that girls could be interested in me and that I wasn’t the completely useless dork my sister Karen had convinced me I was destined to become. An older female had changed my life in just one week and I was forever grateful to Connie Larson for every bit of confidence she gave me that one blissful summer.

And then, 47 years later, Connie came back into my life right here on WordPress. I got an email a few weeks ago telling me that ConstanceL had just signed up to follow my blog. I took a huge chance and sent her an email to thank her for signing up and to find out if she was the girl I remembered. She immediately answered my inquiry with an emphatic, “No, I don’t remember you but my family always stayed at Portview Resort and I was searching for information about Portview when your blog came up.” After several hours of looking for my ego, I decided to try again so I sent her another email with more detailed depictions of our summer romance. She finally allowed me a tiny shred of encouragement when she said she remembered a boy that was pretty cute. I’m old now so I’ll take that any day.

After I pulled the faded memories from her brain she started to piece things back together but not quite like I had. She has blocked out the icehouse escapade entirely but at least she didn’t try to deny that it might have happened. So now I’m left with memories that sure seem real to me but the only other person who could testify to my storytelling isn’t quite ready to do so. It’s her loss really, in my imagination she gets to be Cinderella and Show White all rolled into one and I’m perfectly happy to be her pretty cute prince charming, if she would let me.

It’s your turn now Connie, I think we all want to hear your side of the story.

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