“What if this world is just another planet’s Hell?” (Aldous Huxley)

Editor’s note: This is the very first blog I ever posted on WordPress and that was six years ago today. Happy Blogday to me.

That would explain everything. The wars, the greed, death and destruction and why we just can’t get together on anything. Sounds like gloom and doom doesn’t it? And yet I am eternally optimistic and I know that life is good. I want to believe in my fellow man because we are all in this together. The world grows smaller every day and we must find a way to make it work for all of us or else none of us will survive. Hopefully, writing a blog will start a dialogue about the essential goodness of man and ways to make this planet anything but Hell.

In my mind at least, the first thing we have to do is start listening effectively. All I hear these days is screaming back and forth without any attempt at understanding the other point of view. Arguments aren’t won by who is louder or lasts longer. Louder and longer will mostly just reinforce the opponents position and the whole thing is just a stalemate and a huge waste of time. If you want to be heard, speak softly and make a valid point.  John Wayne was quoted as saying ” Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much.” Truer words were never spoken. Just think of the time we would save not to mention the negative effects we are having on blood pressure and ear drums.

The next thing we have to do is care about each other. We all have value in this world, obviously some contribute more than others but everyone has the ability to make a difference. Let’s look for that in everybody we meet. The more we encourage each other the more likely we are to receive something positive in return.  Life is like a bank account, if you never put anything positive into it how can you expect to get anything positive out of it.  I work with foster children on a daily basis in one of my current jobs. These kids have been through some very tough times and a lot of them are just beaten down by the system and by their family circumstances. My job is to take them where they need to go and along the way I try to make them laugh a little. I don’t always succeed but more often than not those kids thank me when we part. I can see it in their eyes that what I just did for them mattered and made their day a little less painful. I go home every night knowing for sure that I did something good that day.  How many people can say that about their jobs? Clearly, not enough.

I like kids of all ages. They are the future of the world. We need to try and not screw them up as much as we are. That’s easier said than done unfortunately. Sometimes I think parents use their children as little surrogates for  whatever didn’t go well in their own childhood. Kids are like a blank canvas until we start throwing our emotional paint at it. And then, when we don’t like the picture we created, we blame the kid. Maybe we should help them paint their own pictures by being good parents and role models. But that would mean we would have to be responsible for our own actions as well. Gee what a concept.

But seriously, this world as Hell is a frightening thought isn’t it. Can we continue down this path of greed, lust, deceit and hatred and still call ourselves civilized? Do we really believe this planet can provide for us in spite of our stupidity? One of Newton’s laws of motion was that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same truth can be applied to all of life on this planet. The laws of nature are such that everything gets balanced out by an equal and opposite reaction. Please tell me how that works out in our favor in the not too distant future. Are we capable of change, yes of course. Will we do it willingly and soon enough to save us,  I doubt it.  Will this blog ever be seen by anyone who cares? I don’t know but at least I tried.

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7 Responses to “What if this world is just another planet’s Hell?” (Aldous Huxley)

  1. Andrea says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! It’s clear that you “get it” and I applaud that you not only actively work toward solutions, but add your voice as well. My own life’s work has been to help children in need. And I’m fortunate to know many others who “get it” too. So they are out there…maybe not as many as we’d like, but there’s a strong undercurrent that with time can positively shape and change many things. Much of our generation got sidetracked, but with any luck it can begin to change with the generation we’re raising today. My own kids get it and I’m sure yours do too. And if each of them casts a wide enough net, there will be hundreds or even thousands more. Keep talking…I’m listening…

  2. grhgraph says:

    I get it, but sometimes a bit too much. It really weighs on my mind. Hopefully, blogging will be one way to relieve some of the pressure. I promise not to write anything stupid or meaningless. There are more than enough wasted words floating around already. I also promise there will be no mispelled words and I will at least give my best effort at punctuation and grammar. Although some times my thoughts don’t translate into grammatically correct sentences. Thanks for your comment.
    I would love to have lunch with you soon. Is there a day of the week that works best for you?

  3. I have to that I very much enjoy your writing. Your innate goodness shines through.

    A dear friend of mine was bounced around from one Foster family to another before there was finally a ‘keeper’ family, and they made all the difference in the world. She’d been through a couple of drug rehabs as a teen, and she could have become just another statistic. But, as she tells it, when Bob and Mary Ellen told her they wanted to keep her as part of their family, her life turned around,

    Years later, she is employed by her particular county as a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults. And a damn good one, too! 🙂

    So thank you for what you do. It definitely makes a difference.

    I do have to take issue with one thing that I sincerely hope you’re wrong about. Your metaphor using Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. If, regarding things other than motion, there is an equal and opposite reaction, then it stands that for every bit of good will there would necessarily be an equal amount of evil. In order for there to be a balance, any additional good will would require additional evil. As I stated, I sincerely hope you’re wrong in that regard.

    Other than that, please carry on.

    • grhgraph says:

      The world of foster children is brutal so whatever I can do to make it a little less stressful is all I can ask. Please encourage anyone you know to consider becoming a foster family.

  4. TheF1amingArrow says:

    I was thinking the same thing! What if this world was just a copy of another world and there are other older copies of this world? I know crazy but I was just watching doctor who and thought about it.

  5. grhgraph says:

    Reblogged this on Grhgraph's Blog.

  6. Kelley says:

    How are you?

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