“If you can’t laugh in Heaven, I don’t want to go there.” (Martin Luther)

I love to laugh at just about anything. Lucky for me there is just so much to laugh at these days. The media has become nothing more than the Theater of the Absurd. I really believe that turning on a video camera or microphone causes people to have irreparable brain damage.  It worries me that the most reliable news outlet seems to be Comedy Central. Of course without all the other idiotic commentators they would have no material at all. Do these people really listen to what they say? Doesn’t anyone have any shame anymore? Is there anything truthful being said on cable news programs? Does anyone check their facts or apply basic rules of journalistic integrity?

It’s pretty obvious that ratings and money are the only things that matter to these people.  I guess it’s really the hypocrisy that drives me crazy. If they would just admit that it’s just another form of entertainment hoping for an audience to sell stuff to I would at least know what I’m getting. As it is, I just sit and laugh at the increasingly ludicrous comments and behavior that emanate from my TV on a nightly basis. I don’t know who to believe anymore and it sure feels like everything is just a joke.

I grew up watching Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. I never laughed at them. They delivered the news without becoming cartoons. Sure there were times when the news worried me because I believed them. I lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, the JFK assasination and the VietNam War and frankly I was a little scared at times. At least I felt like I knew the truth. Then it was up to me to decide how I felt about it or what I should do about it. These days, I don’t believe anything I hear on the radio or see on TV.  It doesn’t seem like the truth at all but it does feel like a marketing pitch all the time.

And it doesn’t get any better when we listen to our elected officials. Apparently sincerity, intelligence and honesty are not prerequisites to public office. Public servants are however, good for a laugh. If I see one more congressman shoot himself in the foot while it’s in his mouth I will know the end really is near. Laughing at these clowns makes my day but then I have to face the fact that these people are making incredibly important decisions. Laughter just relieves the overwhelming sense of impending doom temporarily. Reality is not funny at all.

Lucky for me, most of my best friends share my gallows humor. Laughter must be a defense mechanism for dealing with life on a daily basis. It helps me survive but it doesn’t really change anything. Would that it could. I think Max Beerbohm said it best, “Nobody ever died of laughter.” That’s why I’m looking forward to  Heaven. Just imagine sitting down to dinner with Mark Twain, Groucho Marx, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, George Burns, Lucille Ball and Dorothy Parker just to name a few. What a way to spend eternity. I have to believe there is plenty to laugh at in Heaven.

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6 Responses to “If you can’t laugh in Heaven, I don’t want to go there.” (Martin Luther)

  1. inga says:

    Hey Guy!
    I found you…and you thought sending a bogus blog addy would keep you incognito…nope!

    I love to laugh…and live…and love…and I refuse to let anyone, anything or any situation take away those rights. So, I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do my part…if I could identify it! I pray that a huge, brisk wind of wings from on high will blow away the fog being generated in our minds by disgustingly self-absorbed politicians who no longer remember who they are let alone where they came from or how they got the six or more figure income and all those incredible bennies! This is the first time in my life when I can honestly say I cannot wait until election time! Let us all keep on blogging and blurping and tweetering and texting and whatevering enables us to be heard! Bless you Guy! God Bless America! We are still alive!

    • grhgraph says:

      So tell me how to make a living blogging and I will happily write my brains out. Of course that won’t take long so I also need a back up plan.
      Keep reading as I plan several more blogs in the near future.

      • inga says:

        go see Julie and Julia…it worked for her!

        In the movie, it was suggested Julie add PayPal to her blog site; that way her “fans” could show their appreciation. Your fans could contribute each time they appreciate a really creative blog, hilarious joke or just when they’re feeling magnanimous and want to support your cause. Try it! 🙂

  2. inga says:

    ok…so I ask you…what do people want enough to pay good money to get? Simple! Food, fun and frivolity…esp during these trying times. So… offer to sell your grand-dad’s trout recipe and the secret technique to tying flies guaranteed to catch the “whopper!” Start your own “fly” club and after they order one of each “fly” they can purchase a weekend at grand-dad’s favorite fishing spot in… drum roll…sunny, MN or WI or…fill in the blank. Talk about a Bed ‘n Breakfast adventure! Complete with loons! Buy yourself a sedan with wood on the side, pick ’em up at the airport and charge them for the ride to the hideaway! If it’s too close to the airport to make any money, drive around the section a few times…just to be sure they get the flavor of the place. Speaking of flavor…those trout better be tastey! If they don’t catch any of their own, slip some out of the freezer and into the buttery (thanks, Julia!) frypan that you’ll use to whip up breakfast, lunch and supper…rustic style and for a price, of course! Come nightfall, do your best rendition of Garrison Keeler, whip out the harmonica and weave a few campfire stories… charge them extra for entertainment! Hey! You’re sittin’ on a gold mine and don’t even know it! Just remember where this outstanding idea came from and when I come out to spend a weekend at the cabin, fry up my fresh trout extra crispy with lotsa butter! Hayrides and suspenders! What a FAB idea!

    • grhgraph says:

      I like your ideas. My Grandmother’s homemade donut recipe is to die for but you have to have a huge cast iron skillet, 3′ x 4′ solid oak, one piece cutting board and and 80 year old log cabin to really make it taste good. I don’t think anybody else can pull that off. Besides I’m not eccentric enough to do Garrison Keilor. I think I get the idea though. I guess I need to liven up my content a bit. Make it more fun and less serious. I’m just afraid no one but you will think I’m funny. Let’s face it we’re not normal when it comes to sense of humor. I will keep trying. There are now 4 posts, have you read them all?

  3. inga says:

    No…I have not seen the other posts. I’ll check ’em out.

    Actually, I wasn’t suggesting you change the tone of your blog, Guy…I was suggesting ways to make a few bucks and put in a ton of work!

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