“Let us endeavor to live so that when we die, even the undertaker will be sorry.” (Mark Twain)

Mark Twain is one of my favorite writers. His wry sense of humor and keen understanding of the human condition are exceptional. This particular quote really captures my way of thinking. Life is the greatest endeavor anyone can have.  At its best, it’s a joyride in a sport car on a newly paved road in the Blue Ridge Mountains. At its worst, it’s a break down on the side of the road with a flat spare tire on a hot day in the middle of the Mojave Desert. We all know which we would rather have but we also know that both extremes are possible at all times.  That’s what makes it interesting and worth the endeavor.  When Twain wrote about life on the Mississippi it was romantic, adventurous and a little scary. He wouldn’t have sold many books if all he talked about was watching the boats go by from the river bank.

My own life has had both extremes many times but I still get in the car every day.  The road of life is simply awe inspiring and full of wonderful new experiences just waiting to be discovered. You just have to be willing to put yourself out there, find the best route and follow the signs.  The signs will come from your family, your friends and others willing to share their journey with you along the way. The more you engage others around you the more likely you are to have a life worth living and a death worth remembering.

I have no idea when my time will come to pass from this earth but I’m not going to sit and worry about it.  In my case the undertaker will be sorry because he’s not going to get much business from me, as I plan to be cremated.  I want to have my ashes spread in many different places. I want to be returned to the earth from where I came. I want to feel the sun, the wind and the rain and know that I am still part of life on this planet. I want to be remembered for my sense of humor and willingness to help others. I want my friends to tell jokes at my funeral and laugh with me one more time.

Death is not the end of life, just life as we know it. I intend to travel the universe after I die. Once I am free from my physical state my mind will wander wherever it wants to and it wants to real bad. I want to see all the planets first hand and the constellations close up.  I want to meet my maker and ask some questions that have been perplexing me for some time now.  I hope he’s ready to explain the great mystery of life and what really matters. There is just so much more to look forward to in the next life that it makes this one a little more tolerable just thinking about it.

But for now, I just do the best I can each day with what I have and where I am. I look forward to learning something new every day and laughing as often as possible. I blog about whatever comes into my mind and hope that others find it worth reading. Whatever comes next for me is out of my hands and I’m okay with that because I really don’t want to know exactly how the story ends. I think Horace once said “To know all things is not permitted.” That Horace, he was really a hoot.

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