“The more he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Right now I can’t seem to  count my spoons fast enough to keep up with all the “honorable” speakers in Washington these days. I don’t care for either side of the aisle as it seems to me that neither party has any clue of how to make our government work. I believe we should vote them all out of office just to prove who really runs this country. Please follow along with my train of thought as I explain how this would work.

By voting every incumbent out of office in every election from now on we will begin the process of retaking power from elected officials and returning it to the people where it belongs. We don’t even need to pass term limit legislation to make this happen, we just never vote for an incumbent again. This would also eliminate the special interest money that controls our congressmen now. No one will give millions to a campaign knowing that person will only serve one term. They will never be able to get a decent return on investment in a single term. The other benefit is that we return congressmen to the real world where they have to live with the consequences of their votes. No more career politicians who take up residence in Washington D.C. and milk the system for all it’s worth. If everyone knew they would only get one term what kind of people would run for office? They aren’t going to get campaign contributions, they aren’t going to be able to stay in Washington and they will still have to make a living when they are done. Maybe they will run for the right reasons like serving their constituents and helping their country as a whole.

It would only take six years to completely retake Congress with this plan. After the first election, with the wholesale slaughter of incumbents we will have their attention like never before. After two elections they will be scared to death and start talking like real representatives and after the third you will see real people with real brains and actual morals standing up and doing what’s right and responsible. Continuing this approach forever will insure that we never face this situation again. Can you imagine the reaction we will get if this idea ever makes it into the mainstream media? That response alone should be enough to prove how important this idea is. The possibility of losing their gravy train and returning to real life will cause these people to come unglued.

Of course I’m not crazy enough to believe that the media will ever let this get out. They have a vested interest in the status quo just as much as Congress. The slightest chance that average Americans will ever have an actual say in government is not something that the media would ever want to happen. That would mean that we aren’t falling for their propaganda any longer and that maybe we know more than they do. I would love to see the day when the media and Congress have to admit we don’t need them any more and we aren’t buying their lies and hidden agendas.

I see this as the  greatest test of social media and the power of the internet. Let’s take an idea that has significant importance to every last American and see if we can create changes in Washington merely on the possibility of this concept catching on in cyberspace.  We do not need or want the media to be any part of this movement.We have to stay outside the traditional sources of power, lest we be corrupted by the same special interests that are so firmly entrenched and all-powerful today.

If you believe our country is facing the most dangerous period in its history, then please consider this plan. What have we got to lose? If we, the people, don’t do something to make our voices heard, then we have no one to blame but ourselves when our children ask us “What happened?” Let’s stop pointing fingers at Washington and make them listen to reason. All you have to do is pass this post along to anyone with common sense and an innate desire to make things better for everyone. For once and for all it is really up to us. Let’s not let our children down.

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4 Responses to “The more he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  1. Jim Beatson says:

    I love your idea, I’m all for it! As I’m writing this I’m thinking the reasons these folks haven’t been voted out earlier, people have a had time breaking from their party lines. It will be hard to get a rep. to vote for a dem. and vise versa. So you can solve the incumbent problem if you can convince people in both parties to vote out the incumbent in their parties primary election. That way the 20% in the middle will still decide what party runs the country, only it won’t be the same old crones that have been there for 50 years.I believe to make this work we have to vote out the incmbent in the primary.I promise vote out the incumbent in my party!

    • grhgraph says:

      It’s nice to know there is at least one person out there who is as mad as I am.
      Becky chose well when she married you. Now, how do we get this plan off the ground? My fear is that there are way to many average Americans who are afraid of radical change. Even if they don’t like what’s going on they’re too scared of the unknown to make a change. I personally just want to see Congress be made to pay atttention to the rest of us for once. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.
      Guy Horst

  2. Andrea says:

    Counterpoint: This is certainly not as you say, “the most dangerous period in it’s history.” True we’re still relatively young as a country, but we’ve done some incredibly stupid, irresponsible and or dangerous things in the past 200+ years. Examples: when this country allowed the wholesale slaughter of its native population, allowed the near extinction of native animals, split itself in two during the civil war, suffered a nationwide deep and sweeping economic depression, enacted prohibition (my personal favorite stupid moment), even tolerated the whole McCarthy era. And dangerous? No other country has ever, and I mean ever launched a nuclear bomb at another. Threatened yes. But we are the ONLY one who ever actually used them in war. Right or wrong isn’t the question — objectively — it was a very dangerous period in history.
    Every generation believes they are in the worst period in history. What we also believe is that we have the capacity and desire to create change. THAT is what we need to support, nurture, encourage in each other and especially in our kids. Change is possible. And while your idea of flipping the entire congress is entertaining, it certainly isn’t plausible. Too many people are far too dug in to open their minds to the possibility. I’m married to one. But change did occur in the past year. Radical change for this country. Regardless of how anyone feels about the current administration, you have to admit it is different. IT IS CHANGE. I’ll shut up now, but leave you with what I can do — vote for the individual who best fits my beliefs and values — regardless of party affiliation — and more importantly, encourage my own kids to remain involved, knowledgable, passionate about their country.

    • grhgraph says:

      Andrea, All I really want to accomplish is to make Congress listen to us. If we demonstrate even the slightest possibility that we might pull this off it would change the culture in Washington once and for all. Greed, corruption and deceit are so ingrained into our government that no one goes there without becoming part of the problem. Washington is no better than the Black Hole of Calcutta when it comes to morals and ethical behavior. I would equate Congress with the world’s most expensive whore house where everything and anything is for sale for the right price. The system is broken and no individual can be expected to fix it. We’re just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic with each election. If Congress faced the distinct possibility of being sent home they would have to listen to reason and start doing the right thing. I agree that this idea isn’t actually plausible but I think it’s a great way to start the discussion about change. Let’s give them something to think about.  Guy Horst

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