“Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” (Mark Twain)

Our dog’s name is Indiana. Technically, it’s our son’s dog but since he moved home, the dog came with him. We’re not too sure where this dog came from but we got him from the Humane Society in Lawrence, Kansas. Probably some college student saw him as a puppy and fell in love with him. Then after a year of being locked in some apartment, they realized he was more than they could handle and they dumped him. Indiana is most likely part German Shepherd and part Border Collie. That makes him a distant relative of RinTinTin and Lassie and he lives up to his ancestry. I have never seen a dog that was more fearless and tireless than Indy. All we were told by the Humane Society was that he was energetic and didn’t like cats. I could probably sue them for false advertising.  After a year of trying to calm him down, we are seriously considering a flock of sheep as our last resort. His prey drive is off the charts. He has managed to become friends with one of our two cats, Gracie, but she is so fat and lazy that nothing gets her off her butt. Our other cat, Klein, wants nothing to do with Indy. At least we haven’t had to clean up any blood yet. I keep having this recurring dream that Indy is actually much older and was originally trained by the Marine Corps for guard duty but washed out when he couldn’t be controlled and almost killed somebody. I love him anyway.

People could learn a lot from dogs like Indy. He is faithful, fun-loving, devoted, energetic, friendly, protective, honest, forgiving and he never quits. How many people do you know with those qualities and in such abundance? I can’t think of even one. That’s what Mark Twain was talking about.  The life of a dog is all about serving mankind and asking almost nothing in return. Why can’t we be more like them?

Did you know that the domestication of dogs is considered one of early man’s greatest achievements? They were used as hunters and protectors and assisted humans in every conceivable way. They do everything so willingly and with such enthusiasm that it just makes you wonder where we would be without them. Isn’t that how we should treat each other as people? If dog’s are smart enough to understand this simple principle why can’t we? We all need each others help. No man is an island unto himself. We even have our dogs to show us the way. Devotion, friendship, forgiveness and fortitude made them man’s best friend. We can do all those things and when we do we will all enjoy the same sense of satisfaction and pure joy that every dog understands.

I don’t know what I would do without Indy. He meets me at the door every night like he hasn’t seen me in weeks. He cocks his head with that wonderful look of confusion. He brings his ball to me when he wants to play and when he finally gets tired he comes and worms his way into my lap, all fifty pounds of him. His ability to communicate his utmost love and affection without ever saying a word is priceless. When I die, I want to come back as a dog just like Indy, full of fun and willing to try anything.

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