“We have met the enemy and he is us.” (Pogo)

That memorable quote was used in 1970 as part of the Earth Day campaign and is attributed to Walt Kelly who penned the Pogo comic strips. 40 years  later his words were never more true or more evident in the way humanity operates. When will we ever learn? We can no longer blame the other guy or those people over there. Those people are us and we need to accept responsibility for the things that happen to us as a society.

Many of us have played the game “Six degrees of separation”. This simple little brain teaser should really be used every day to remind us that we are all connected. None of us lives in a vacuum where our actions have no effect on others. In fact, our actions have a tremendous effect on others and we need to consider that when we make decisions. Way back in the 60’s I watched lots of people change their own oil in their driveway and then use it as weedkiller. It never occurred to me that everything we pour on the ground ends up in the water table and that’s the water that we drink. (Drinking water, a substance that we can only live about 3 days without.) Sure we take great pains to purify that water before we drink it but what if we just didn’t pollute it so much to begin with, how’s that for an original idea.

The same set of circumstances can be found in almost all parts of every day life. We drive cars that pollute instead of walking that  improves our health. We buy processed food because we don’t have time to cook but then we eat dinner in front of the TV which is an even bigger waste of time. We don’t read anymore and instead get our information from talking heads who are really trying to sell us something, not educate us. We complain that the world is spinning out of control but we do nothing to stop it. I guess it’s just easier to blame him, her, them and those than it is to admit that I, me, we and us are the real problem. If we keep taking the easy way out we’re not going to have any worries at all because this planet can only take so much abuse.

I think it’s just time we ended the blame game. It isn’t working at all but it is driving us further apart. Special interests and greed have ruled the planet for so long that I’m not sure we know how to do it any other way but we have to try something. The reality is, the powers that be like division and blame. It works in their favor all the time and gives them the upper hand. The part that baffles me about this behind the scenes control is that we are all related to those people making those decisions. In every decision, somebody’s grandparents or cousin or neighbor is affected. It amazes me that we seem to forget our grandparents and the sacrifices they made just so we could be born into a better world. We are all in this together. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water and the things we do to the planet will be with us forever.

A truly rational person should be able to understand the implications of that reality. The world is a pretty incredible place to live, if you ask me. I look at the world through the eyes of an avid photographer and I see wonders that are beyond my feeble attempts at description. I also see people who have more potential for good than you will ever find written about in the media. Isn’t the world worth saving for all of us? What if we all came together for just one purpose, to save the world once and for all. Let’s forget about religion, class, gender or politics and focus on each other as one race of people who populate a very special planet that needs all the help it can get just to survive. Maybe then we can say, “We don’t have enemies anymore.”

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