“Friends share all things.” (Pythagoras)

I have a dear, old friend named Suzanne. We’ve only known each other for 3 years but she’s just one of those people who seem like you’ve known them forever. We met when we both worked for a small printer. The place was operated by two brothers who apparently patterned their management style after watching too many episodes of Survivor. Employees came and went in a matter of days and drama was an ever-present mode of operation. In the few months we worked together we tried our best to rearrange the deck chairs on this version of the Titanic but we both jumped ship with the rest of the rats in less than 6 months. My friendship with Suzanne is the only thing worth remembering about that time.

It’s funny how misery can bring us together. She and I are 20 years apart in age but we became fast friends from the first day. It was like we had always known each other but we just never got around to meeting. It’s not like we had that much in common either but I guess misery loves company so we at least had each other to lean on when it was really bad. Suzanne is one of those people who can make anyone smile just by looking at you. She radiates a positive glow that is highly infectious and lessens the stress level instantly. And she does this in spite of having some difficult circumstances in her personal life. She just doesn’t allow problems to become roadblocks to her goals.

After we both left, I was lucky enough to hear about another opportunity that I thought would be perfect for her and she has been there ever since. I can’t take any credit because she was born to succeed when given the right opportunity, in a place that appreciates her unique talents. Isn’t it odd how the same person with the same skills can be so successful in one place and so disappointed in another? I am really happy for her that she has found a home and she deserves all the success she has achieved. I guess we met so I could be there to help her find that opportunity. It’s the least I could do considering what a good friend she has become.

I think in life we have unlimited possibilities. We are supposed to take advantage of every good thing that comes our way and even when we can’t do anything with it ourselves we need to remember those around us and pass along the good fortune. I guess some people call that networking. I call it friendship and spreading the wealth. In virtually every job I have ever had, no matter how horrible the job itself was, I always managed to make at least one new friend. Now I can’t say I’ve been good about staying in touch with every one of those people but I still think about them and if another opportunity came my way I would be happy to share it with them. It seems to me that we would be better off if we shared all of life’s possibilities.

Every time I hear from Suzanne now it reminds me of the importance of friendship and staying connected, no matter what. This blog has given me the opportunity to touch people all over the world and the feedback I get is almost always positive. I write stuff that I think is important or funny or makes me crazy and then others respond with their own opinions. The sharing of experiences is priceless and who knows what good might come from my efforts. People like Suzanne inspire that in me and I guess that’s why God wanted us to meet. We spent four months together under trying circumstances, we hardly ever see each other now and yet somehow we remain as close as ever. There must be a moral to this story somewhere in there. Maybe Leonard Nimoy was right when he said, “The more we share, the more we have.”

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4 Responses to “Friends share all things.” (Pythagoras)

  1. Suzanne says:

    I love you globs and globs, Guy Horst! Funny how FrEnZy made us best friends!

  2. Neil says:

    Don’t mean to brag, but I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to work with Suzanne now! There aren’t too many people out there who are as welcoming, accomodating, and willing to jump up and help as her — and that’s when she was 9+ months pregnant! She clearly has the gift of service.

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