“The best writers make the fewest words go the longest way.” (Unknown)

Today might be the day I finally call myself a writer. If I’m lucky and a few more people take the time to read this blog I might make it to 10,000 views. When I started writing this blog in August of 2009, I had no real plan for where it should go over time, I just wanted to express some thoughts that were rattling around in my head all too frequently. I read a few blogs to see what else was out there and honestly, I was kind of appalled at the poor spelling, lousy grammar, lack of punctuation and complete failure to make a valid point that some blogs deliver.  Once I realized that none of that mattered in the blogosphere it became less daunting and I let my inner voice out for all to see.

Now, after 90 posts and a continually growing audience, I have to ask myself, “What happens next?” I like the mental exercise that writing offers me and God knows I have a lot of stuff to say. Mostly, it feels like a calling. There are so many issues that we need to address in the world today and somebody like me needs to speak out. I have experienced so much in my life and it has given me a world view that is broad and balanced. I hate prejudice of all kinds and I feel obliged to offer a perspective that is based on honesty and fairness. I really believe that God put me here to make a difference by writing about the importance of kindness, compassion and commitment to the betterment of mankind.

The question I am facing right now is, “How do I make a living while making a difference?” I’m looking at blogging for money as a second income but I’m hesitant because it seems like I’m selling out to the very people who need to be challenged. I really doubt that anyone in corporate America or the media wants someone with my views writing for them. The other alternative is to place Google Ads on my blog site and get paid per click, but then I’m just a billboard on the information superhighway. To me, writing is an art form that should be done for its own sake, not because it pays well. History is full of stories about starving artists who only achieved acclaim after they were gone.

I’m really curious to know what my readers think of this dilemma. I write because my head will explode if I don’t. I’m purely motivated by self-interest and my desire to make people think and laugh as often as possible. I have no ability to write a novel like Mark Twain and get rich from royalties. What I have is an ability to churn out a few hundred words at a time about the oddities of life. Blogging is perfect for me because I have no editor looking over my shoulder questioning me. I have friends who offer feedback when I ask but mostly I’m on my own with my thoughts and much to my surprise people all over the world are interested. Who knew?

I know I will keep writing no matter what happens. It’s in my blood now and I can’t conceive of stopping. If you’re a regular reader, today’s the day to comment. I don’t need validation but positive feedback is always welcome, not to mention subject matter suggestions. I do take requests and if I can pull together enough research to honestly put forth a thesis I will be only too happy to do so. Let me leave you all with something Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Happy is he who writes from the love of imparting certain thoughts and not from the necessity of sale — who writes always to the unknown friend.”

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8 Responses to “The best writers make the fewest words go the longest way.” (Unknown)

  1. kcsuz says:


    Settle for ads if it helps support the family. If a small dent, don’t sell out!

    I’d like to see you write about what your heart/mind looks for when looking through a camera lens.

  2. grhgraph says:

    I like the suggestion a lot. That’s almost too easy for me to write about. Actually my writing is pretty close to my photography. The world is a beautiful place when we take the time to look at all of its wonders.

  3. David Fales says:

    Full disclosure: As you know, Guy, my friend, I’ve made my living creating ads, selling ad space, creating publications and online venues based on good, relevant, authoritative content – funded by advertising and sponsorship. I also do a little writing and photography. I have, in the past been paid only a pittance for words and pix, but learned a valuable lession. As with top professional athletes, only a very few will be paid a lot. The rest of us must keep our day jobs.
    One of the shorter lists I’ve never heard of is Billionaire Bloggers. Which is not to denigrate brilliant blogging in any way. (It is, however, to denigrate the paying of pro athlete stars sums of money that would feed whole country’s populations for a year.)
    I enjoy an ad-free environment as much as anyone else. For a blogger – or pretty much any writer – to earn revenue, someone has to pay them money! If not advertising, then let’s look at other rev sources. Follow the money. The most logical source is the people who most value your steady stream of cogent content: Us, your dear readers. But let’s disaggragate this amorphous Us, and get down to brass tacks: Me. And, the rest of the Me’s that, collectively form Us. Will enough Me’s (I hate using an apostrophe to indicate plurality) pay you enough bucks on a regular basis to support you in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed? The short answer is ‘no’, unless you sell the Citation 6 jet, and your vintage Mustang GT350 that Bill Gates is dying to own. (I’m making all this up.) Or, in fact, support you in any way, e.g. enough to buy cheap beer?
    Perhaps. But I havent seen paying blogs emerge as strong revenue model, yet. Part of the problem is the parsing of the information, a day at a time, and the fact that folks cant easily pay you each day. It’s hard to send 50 cents through this thing. Microtransactions are coming, however. So, my long-winded point is to suggest you make money by writing an e-book. Whether you can plan and weave periodic bloggings into a cogent book, I don’t know. “The Letters of Life According to Guy” as a book, however may be very sellable, self published, sold online, lowish price point,@$6.00? and a high price, $50? if printed on dead trees and shipped via snail mail.
    No publisher, no agent, no distributors. Keep the almost all the per/sale money for your cheap beer.
    Then, use your own blog, an, by then your paid contracted column/blog on AtlanticMontly.com to promote the book sales. And your next book. You are your own advertiser then, with no Google ads. (forget these, by the way. You need 10,000 visitors an hour to make any money) We, your devoted readers, will fork over $5.00-$10.00 (going rate for selfpublished books) for the book, and then evangelize ‘Guys’ Letters’ to family, friends, by word of mouth, and word of mouse on the Twitter and FaceBook Spheres. TaDa! Fame and fortune.
    So, to get rich, my friend, all you have to do is buy my new book “Blog -or Bust!”, available for $19.95, with companion CD-ROM. Everything you need to know.
    BUT WAIT!! There’s MORE. Call now, and get included with your order….

  4. mary wise says:

    I don’t know you and yet I know you so well; you are like my twin. I think and feel the way that you think and feel. So much to say, share, I am also thinking of starting my own blog, but not so much a picture gallery, but a sounding off of real things, beautiful thoughts, kindness, compassion, a real cheerleader to all who will listen to me. I am praying about this, and I have asked God to provide you with enough income beyond your diligent giving on the Internet. I am so glad you took the time to write so that I could read again such joyous writing from a wonderful human being. I am new to these electronic things. I sold all my furniture so that I could rent to own a computer. $107 a month for 24 months. I am thrilled to be learning. Isn’t it amazing, the internet, the genius behind it all. We are blessed. Continue on, dear Brother, continue…

    • grhgraph says:

      I’m truly touched. It’s kind of humbling to realize there are people out there who are so moved by my words. I guess Emerson was right about writing for the unknown friends.

      • kcsuz says:

        I love David’s reply. At first, I didn’t because it was keeping me from my toast. In saying that, I’m glad I read his reply in its entirety. I chuckled to myself and nodded in agreement! Cheers to Guy! Call me when the book is out. I’ll be your first customer.

  5. David Fales says:

    @kcsuz You are obviously a brilliant and insightful reader. Sorry about your toast. The best I can offer is some crustiness. I learned recently that one can microwave cold toast successfully, 5 secs. max. Ice cream is another microwavable favorite of mine. However, my attempts to dry the cat in the microwave have yet to meet with success, so go easy there for now.
    We now return the control of this blog to its rightful owner, that (talented) Guy.

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