“Liberty is the only thing we cannot have unless we give it to others.” (William Allen White)

In my humble opinion, the 4th of July is the most significant date in the entire history of mankind and as such deserves a blog. 235 years have passed since that fateful day, when a courageous group of men came together to renounce tyranny in all its forms and declare their freedom from oppression once and for all. The key part of that sentence is “for all.” They weren’t just motivated by self-interest, they truly wanted the seeds of freedom to be planted that day in the honest hope that liberty and justice would spread to all corners of the world. That’s what liberty represents to everyone, an equal opportunity to achieve happiness and fulfillment. The founding fathers took the greatest leap of faith ever and the world we have today is a direct reflection of their courage, foresight and commitment to the common good.

Now ask yourself, what have I done today to keep freedom alive? If you’re part of a military family you have already answered that question completely but for the rest of us, it’s still there waiting to be answered.  I know it’s a very worn adage but please don’t forget, “Freedom ain’t free.” We all owe a debt of gratitude to anyone who ever died in defense of freedom and literally millions have paid the ultimate price for all that we hold near and dear. It’s a tough question but it shouldn’t be. It’s freedom that provides everything in our daily lives and we can’t possibly live without it. What is that worth to you?

I think the greatest accomplishment of the founding fathers was their ability to compromise their individual desires within the framework of the greater good. As they worked toward the drafting of the Constitution they hammered out their differences concerning state’s rights, federal authority and the checks and balances of a 3 part government. They never lost sight of the fact that they represented the people back home, who delegated authority to them on their behalf. They all knew full well that they would be returning to their home states and they would be living with these laws forever more.

Now think  about the way  our democracy works today and ask yourself, “Is this what the founding fathers had in mind?” Petty differences become insurmountable obstacles, party affiliation becomes paralysis and true representation is sold to the highest bidder. No one expects perfection from our public servants but we have to do better than this and it all starts with honesty and integrity. Just tell us the truth, you might be surprised by how understanding we can be.

Democracy, freedom and liberty for all aren’t entitlements. They represent the most noble aspects of humanity and they are worth any price, even our very lives if necessary. We need a representative government that cherishes these ideals and works for the greatest good; the sharing of freedom with all the peoples of the earth. Those of us who have enjoyed the benefits of freedom through our birthright have the greatest responsibility to lead the way, to spread the gospel of equality and to make every effort possible to give liberty to those without.  The halls of Congress should be the birthplace of all great ideas and the actions necessary to achieve the founders dreams.

America, as the catalyst for freedom the world over, was meant to be and ordained by God as his second best gift to mankind. When God speaks this clearly, we need to listen and act accordingly. We have no excuses and I for one don’t want to face him without giving all I have for this cause. He blessed me with the gift of writing and I do my best to share ideas and concepts that I think others need to hear. If you believe in what I have written, then forward this blog on to every other American and maybe some day we will have the country and the planet that God made possible, so long ago. Happy Birthday America!

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