“Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.” (Rene Yasenak)

I’m a little concerned about the younger generation. They seem to have lost their interest in the opposite sex. Behavioral psychologists could probably offer a myriad of answers to this question but I don’t think it’s that complicated. Technology is keeping us apart not pulling us together. For all of their insatiable need for attention and validation that their every act is awesomely important they still don’t get relationships. I think too much information is bad for couples. There’s very little mystery anymore and almost no romance.

I used to spend hours rehearsing my lines so that I wouldn’t blow it on the phone when I was asking a girl for a date. My early attempts were no better than this, “Hi, this is Guy. You probably don’t remember me but I drooled on you in home room today. Would you like to go out?” Eventually I worked my way up to the very romantic, “Hi, it’s Guy. I have a car with gas and $5 left over, are you in?” That actually worked pretty well probably because it wasn’t actually a “Date”.

That word seems to have fallen out of fashion with my kids as well. They don’t really date anymore, they just “hang out”. The weird part is they don’t have hangouts like we used to: Winstead’s, Loose Park,  the P.V. Pool. They just go to someone’s house and play video games and stare at their smart phones. Back when, we had to make conversation. We talked face-to-face for hours and guys were expected to pay attention to what was being said in order to have any chance at getting lucky. I was never great at conversation but I forced myself to look interested because I really wanted to get kissed. My best play in sports never came close to meaning as much as my worst kiss. I would have traded all 3 of my merit badges for lipstick on my collar any day.

I know it sounds quaint and seriously out of date but if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it. I dare the younger generation to give up their personal electronic devices for a few days and concentrate on each other as human beings not Twits. If you’re a guy, go buy a bouquet and take it to her house, knock on her front door and ask her out. If she’s not home, give her mom the flowers. I guarantee that girl will call you back because her mom will be gloating over her for days till she does. If you’re a girl and interested in some cute guy, just go to Arby’s and get 5 for $5 and take it to his house and knock on the door. If he’s not home, share it with his dad. It works just the same.

Relationships are worth the effort, trust me. No smart phone app will ever be as much fun as that first kiss or the second or the third, etc. Holding hands is pretty freaking wonderful too. Science has actually proven that touching is the most important aspect in the emotional well-being of infants. I don’t think we ever grow out of that need. I can’t count all the times the littlest foster children I meet have given me huge hugs and walked with me holding hands. All of the bad parts of my day are erased with each tiny bit of contact. When was the last time your smart phone gave you a nice big hug?

I love this quotation for the simplest reason. We all need to see the good in people and stop focusing on the bad. No one is perfect and we all fall short of others expectations. Let’s just not let technology keep us away from the things that make humans special like empathy, laughter, hugs and kisses.

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3 Responses to “Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.” (Rene Yasenak)

  1. duaneburman says:

    Guy, it is truly amazing to see so many in our society that seem to feel that they need to have their “electronic umbilical cords” live 7X24!
    Two amazing happenings that are fun to participate in these days; and clear indications of the points you make so well—
    * Amazement, appreciation that others visibly show; when they hear my phone vibrate, indicating a text message or call that I ignore; while continuing the conversation—staying focused upon them & what they have to say the entire time.
    * Holding arms open when concluding a conversation with a Lady with or without her younger children or grandchildren present; and having them all accept hugs with obvious acceptance, appreciation and words of much thanks.

    Brother G. God clearly has blessed you with special opportunities both personally & via this blog.
    Thanks for making special & great investments in all of our futures. May God continue to bless, protect you, yours and all of those that you touch.
    Merry Christmas

    • grhgraph says:

      Duane, Life is so much simpler when we just let go of the reins, slow down and sit back in the saddle a little. The ride isn’t as bumpy, we don’t get as tired and the view is a lot better. Our hyper-competitive nature isn’t making life better, it’s just holding us back from realizing our full potential as humans. Our capacity for compassion, caring and sharing is unlimited but we waste our lives in the pursuit of sh*t that doesn’t add anything to our existence. My motto from now on is simply, “Let it ring”.

  2. duaneburman says:

    “Let it Ring” is exactly what I’ve been doing, recently.
    I have one party that has called me over 50 times; since Tuesday to provide hyper levels of “Micro-Management” for a project on which I agreed to help a bit—so far, I’ve returned two calls!
    Man, does it feel good!

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