“The world will not change until we do.” (Jim Wallis)

Good news! There are only 366 shopping days left, ever. Thank God the Mayans made  2012 the end, so we can get in one more day of bargains. This is the ultimate marketing opportunity. How much fun can we have in exactly 1 year? Think about all the things we have to have before we go and the best part is, we won’t have to pay for any of it when the world ends on December 21, 2012. If this doesn’t turn the economy around nothing will. No wonder Congress has put off any kind of sensible fiscal policy till after the elections next fall.

If you think I’m kidding you’re wrong. I like the idea of a deadline. My whole career in the printing business was one deadline after another. It was hard but it made me focus and kept me going for 25 years. My plan for the next year is to finish my book  and publish it at just the right time so that it becomes the last bestseller ever. If it’s really good, maybe God will see it as evidence that there is intelligent life on this planet and give us another chance. If not and a year is all we get, I’m OK with that too. I’m looking forward to settling this argument once and for all, “What does it take to get to heaven?”

If we really believe in God, we shouldn’t ever be afraid of death. How many of us can honestly say that? Death scares most of the people I know, even the good Christians. My Dad just died after a 2 year battle with lymphoma and he never questioned God about his plan. He lived every minute to the fullest and never complained about his fate. He was at peace on his last day and that’s the way I want to be as well. God can take me home any time he wants me. I live my life without regrets and I try to make a difference every day. I believe that  God has a plan and it’s not my job to question it. All he expects of me is my faith and my willingness to try.

If we knew, absolutely, we only had a year to live would any of us spend it at the mall? Nobody is going to remember the stuff you owned but everyone remembers your good deeds, your smile, your kindness and your laugh. You really can’t buy a purpose for your life. You have to give it all you have every day without expectation of a return on investment. That’s faith in its purest form. The more we give to others the more we get in return and actions are all that matters, not intentions.

Maybe the Mayans were just trying to tell us about the beginning of a new era rather than the end of the old one. Maybe we’re supposed to learn something from the crazy ways we have done things for the last 5000 years and try again to do it better in the future. In my mind, every day is another chance to change the future. All we have to do is learn from the lessons of the past and resolve to change our ways. If we can accept this challenge we may find that the next era in the history of mankind is the best one yet. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Let’s look at the future the way Apple Computer did in this ad from 1997, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

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2 Responses to “The world will not change until we do.” (Jim Wallis)

  1. David Bonebrake says:

    There’s a great song/video by Vince Gill called “Threaten Me with Heaven” that addresses just this question — if we know our days are numbered, whether by disease or a bunch of guys in headdresses & loincloths; if we believe in there’s more to experience after “the end”, then the worst anyone can do is “Threaten Me with Heaven”… I’ll spend this next year celebrating Christmas with my family, playing football and basketball with my grandson, going to my granddaughter’s gymnastics events and dance recitals, supporting my wife in her challenges with MS and all that goes with it, working in a season or two of softball, and planning a party for all those that I went to school with… Hey, that’s what I already had planned, anyway! Let’s all go live life as best as we can and be thankful for every day!

    • grhgraph says:

      I’ve never heard that song but it makes perfect sense. My hope is that some day we all come to the realization that possessions aren’t worth much at all and relationships are all that matters. Enjoy the coming year with your family David.

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