“Why don’t they just make the whole plane out of that black box stuff?” (Steven Wright)

For those of you who may not be familiar with Steven Wright, this quote pretty much sums up his body of work. He’s a genius masquerading as a comedian. Which brings me to my question, “Why are so many brilliant people not running for office?”  We elect the absolute worst candidates every couple of years and then watch as they implode with gross ignorance and incompetence. I know lots of people who could do a better job than the dolts in Washington right now but sane people with common sense and integrity steer clear of D.C.

And it’s not just an American plague either. Governments all over the world are run by despotic idiots who have to lie at every turn just to stay in power. This is not good and we all will have to pay a heavy price when the truth finally comes out. In my opinion, the truth is we’re morally and financially  bankrupt. That means we can’t have everything the politicians have promised us and we may not be able to depend on each other either. When enough people come to this conclusion we will all be part of a brave new world. God help us.

Every year, at this time, I start asking myself, “How can I make the world better?” I love my work with foster children but I can’t help but think I can do so much more. I really believe in the concept of “think globally, act locally” but that’s like keeping one finger in the dike with the hurricane coming tomorrow. We have to aspire to bigger goals and work collectively to achieve them. If we let the politicians continue to set the course, then we all just boarded the Titanic.

I think there are 3 things anybody can do to make a difference for the whole world.

First. Forget the us against them storyline that has created so much division. We all live on the same planet, breathe the same air and drink the same water. We ALL depend on each other for our future existence and we will most certainly all die together if we don’t make good choices about our future. The first choice is simple, “Do we want to live together in peaceful coexistence or do we want to die as individuals?”

Second. Share the responsibility with those around you. Your family, your friends and your neighbors are a huge part of your life and deserve your best effort on their behalf. We all can do a better job of sharing the responsibility for making every day life even happier. It all starts with forgiveness. When we accept people for who they really are then we can expect the same from them. If you want to be loved, love others first.

Third. Think for yourself. The media isn’t interested in educating you. They only see you as a consumer of goods. If we all rejected the notion of insatiable consumption we would gain the upper hand with the media and with the government. They would have nothing left to sell us and therefore we would be in control, not them. Faster, better and cheaper has made us slower, dumber and broke.

My last suggestion is more of a plea for sanity. There are lots of people in the real world who are far wiser than the idiots who appear nightly on cable TV. We would all do well to listen to the voices of reason who aren’t trying to get elected. The truth is out there whenever we’re willing to accept it for what it is. When we learn to listen with open hearts we may finally gain the wisdom that will save us. That’s a New Year’s Resolution we can all accomplish. Here’s hoping we all do.

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3 Responses to “Why don’t they just make the whole plane out of that black box stuff?” (Steven Wright)

  1. gwenna says:

    Can I join your campaign?

  2. DAb says:

    Make that two of us raising our hands to join your campaign, Brother G.
    Curiously, earlier today I had two separate unplanned conversations with close, long-time friends. In their own ways, they were voicing concern about the amount of Citizenship education (freedoms for all created by individual contributions for the greater good) that has to happen in the U.S. short term and solid optimism that the global demands & dependency upon U.S. leadership will require that our best leadership “talents” respond—1st in commerce; and then in government over the longer term!
    Both are great family men of faith that have lived their lives transparently, gotten very involved in getting candidates they felt could make a difference elected to local and national offices; and have held leadership roles in their industries—I.T. and Energy on national & international scenes.
    They both have met personally with despots like you describe, confronted them about the total lack of freedom in their countries; and lived to tell about it! Clearly God does energize & protect those He feels are “doing the right things right”—Serving, Sharing, confronting evil doers & Shepherding others into personal relationships with our Lord & Savior.

  3. Happy Daze says:

    Guy, you may be one who plows or plants the seed and does not see the harvest. Keep serving the least of them ( the foster kids) in His name, and you may be grooming a future leader. They may be the one to lead our nation as God would have us led. Be faithful, extend grace, risk loving 🙂

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