“Ideas come from God.” (Albert Einstein)

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about Facebook’s IPO and the resulting commentary regarding Facebook’s future prospects. The key issue seems to be privacy and how much personal information we will continue to give away. All of this discussion reminds me of the great Saturday Night Live sketch called, “Landshark”. This has to be the inspiration for Mark Zuckerberg’s original idea. As humanity evolves into the era of social media, where human contact is avoided at all costs, Facebook is waiting outside our doors for its feeding frenzy opportunity. The only difference is this shark doesn’t bite, it just nibbles at us and sells the most useful pieces of our existence to the highest bidder. And here’s the part that makes Mark Zuckerberg one of the greatest minds of all time, we knock on his door. We used to warn our kids about stranger danger but now we give them a free pass to the amusement park while we do other things.

I’m not here to blame Facebook for doing what they do. They are smart people who figured out a great way to collect vital information about a billion people and sell that data to other marketing companies. I only wish I had thought of it first. What I would like to see from great minds like Zuckerberg’s is an equal effort to have a more positive impact on the world. For instance, I have a pretty huge dilemma in my life that I could use some expert help with and Facebook would seem to be a good place to go for advice.

Here’s the problem. Tomorrow I will be transporting a teenage boy and his two younger sisters for a weekend visit with their older half-brother. I was with these kids two weeks ago when we found out their mother was in the hospital and their first weekend visit had to be cancelled. We sat in my car at Sonic for close to an hour while the system made the necessary adjustments and the kids finally went back to the foster homes feeling pretty let down, to say the least. On Mother’s Day, last Sunday, I was scheduled to drive just the boy home after he visited his mom in the hospital. That trip got cancelled when she died that morning…………………………………………

I’m sorry about the delay. I had to stop for a while just to compose myself. For the last five days I have been asking myself this question, “What do I say to three kids who just lost their mom on Mother’s Day?” Five days of my best thinking and I still don’t have an answer. All I know for sure is that I need to be the one who is with them tomorrow. I even requested the drive just so I could try to help them deal with this life-changing event. So far my only thought is just to say how much I care about them and let them know that a lot of good people are praying for them right now.

Here’s what I would like to see from a genius like Mark Zuckerberg. Now that you’re rich and famous and wildly popular could you please apply yourself to the bigger issues facing all of mankind? I don’t even want you to write a check to charity. I just want you to think of something to say to these kids. This should be a pretty good challenge for someone as smart as you are and maybe it will be the answer we are all looking for. That would be an even greater accomplishment than Facebook or becoming a billionaire.

The only thing I have going for me tomorrow is something Jesus said, “What you do for the least of these, you do for me also.” For someone who never made a fortune, he sure was smart.

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9 Responses to “Ideas come from God.” (Albert Einstein)

  1. duaneburman says:

    Brother G., you’ve hit precisely upon the concern that I have with what our “One Nation Under God” has become—particularly what our society so eagerly rewards in terms of “Value-Adding’ performances!

    • grhgraph says:

      I just think it’s time we expected more from our best and brightest. I know I don’t have all the answers. One would hope that with all the resources at Zuckerberg’s disposal this kind of thinking might become a priority. In my mind at least compassion, kindness and empathy should be marketable commodities. They are certainly scarce in nature. It makes me wonder if we will ever value humanity as much as we value personal wealth?

  2. kcsuz says:

    Your best words yet. I love your heart Guy Horst. I, too, can’t grasp the words needed for this situation. We sometimes live a positive life from surviving our struggles. Love you!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Sometimes if the words don’t come it’s best to say nothing at all, at least for the moment. After all, actions speak louder than words. You are going to be with them. Bless you.

    • grhgraph says:

      I think that’s good advice. I just hope they feel like talking so I can gauge their emotions before I try to help. Thanks for the feedback.

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  5. Carl Hawking says:

    first of all sad story, second Jesus isn’t a real person who said things that got written down…All quotes in the bible were written by the author of that section of the bible, lastly it is kinda arrogant to request(guilt) someone else into handling your responsibility of teaching these kids about life. You are an adult who has experienced life and it is your duty to use the information you have collected to guide them to a more positive outlook, no matter how awful the circumstances, because no matter how bad these children have it, there is always children/people who are in an even worse situations and could use guidance from a more experienced person or even in a mythical sense “God’s Love”. If you are a truly religious person then(in your own way of thought) wouldn’t this be God’s way of testing your or the children’s faith in him. A way to make sure you and these children have this conversation about life and death?…From my personal experience the more I understood what Death or even life meant, I became less and less afraid of it…Hope this helps some, I know it is hard to comprehend an anti-theist giving an Abraham follower advice, but I don’t judge people based on their belief in fiction. that’s like saying he doesn’t believe the Lord of the Rings is True story, so he can’t be intelligent… Best of Luck!!!

    • grhgraph says:

      Let’s just agree to disagree. I’ll keep my beliefs and you can keep yours, then when it’s all said and done I’m certain we’ll both get exactly what we deserve.

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