“My karma just ran over your dogma.” (Unknown)

As deeply philosophical statements go, I like this one the most. In just seven, well-chosen words someone has managed to explain how we got into our current predicament. In case you’re unsure about the exact meaning of these words, karma and dogma, allow me to explain. According to the dictionary karma means, action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad and dogma means prescribed doctrine proclaimed as unquestionably true by a particular group. To my way of thinking, these two precepts cannot exist simultaneously in the same universe and therefore the world is about to implode. It’s simple physics really and there’s only so much we can do about it. Maybe the Mayans were the first to realize that human evolution takes about 5000 years before these competing principles collide.

As evidence of this phenomenon, I give you the current election year game show known as Political Jeopardy, where each candidate answers a question with another question and nothing of substance ever gets said. Their dogmatic position statements are just the same old entrenched party line nonsense that hasn’t worked for decades for either party. I think their karma is catching up with them and we’re all going to pay for the resulting implosion. Even the world’s worst math student can calculate a point in time when spending 40% more than we take in will have to stop. I guess we could just blame Gutenberg’s printing press for making it much easier to print more money. What a foolish man, he thought we might use it to educate ourselves.

Critical thinking and common sense are not really our best things, are they? We talk about nothing, watch nothing on TV, listen to leaders who say nothing and then we wonder why nothing ever changes. If we hear the sound of screeching tires, that’s our karma heading right for our dogma. Normally, in the physical world, our karma would have a huge advantage over our dogma but not here. Our dogma is rock-solid and the crash is going to be epic and bloody. If you’re still not with me, here’s why this will happen.

Our dogma, or that which is proclaimed to be unquestionably true, is that greed is good and the free enterprise system solves all problems eventually, we just have to keep it free from any constraints. Our karma, or action bringing inevitable results, would argue that greed is the root of all evil and in fact our collective world history is a virtual hall of shame of greed, lust and power gone horribly wrong and that constraints are completely necessary to control our insatiable desires. Thousands of years of recorded history would indicate that mankind has very little self-control when it comes to our baser instincts and the accumulation of wealth certainly makes all the other vices more readily available. There are exceptions of course but the benevolent billionaire types like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are vastly outnumbered by the likes of Bernie Madoff, Richard Scrushy, Tom Petters, Jeff Skilling, Dennis Kozlowski, Bernard Ebbers, Ken Lay etc.

None of these crooks ever paid any attention to the rules that have always been in place when it comes to financial accounting. They lied, falsified records, conspired with others and ruined thousands of people’s lives in their quest for wealth. Self-control is anathema to tycoons. Karma is all that stands in the way of these people because no one has ever been able to keep a Ponzi scheme going forever. Now let’s take this point one step further. Our own government has created an unsustainable economic system that will collapse in the not too distant future unless we take drastic measures. That sounds exactly like karma to me, their actions will lead to an inevitable result, a bankrupt USA. Now guess who gets the bill when the government goes broke? You and me, that’s who. That’s our karma for our dogmatic belief that the government knows what they’re doing. Does anybody need a review of all the stupid decisions our elected officials have foisted on us these last 50 years? Only Rip Van Winkle could have missed out on all the Congressional shenanigans and yet incumbents get reelected almost without trying. Those are huge tires you hear screeching right now.

There’s still a slight chance that we can head off this catastrophe but the actions necessary to achieve some form of good karma are almost as painful as the disaster itself. How many of us would vote for a presidential candidate who says, “Sorry folks, the party is over.” That would be the most truthful statement in the history of this country but no one wants to hear that. Every Ponzi scheme ever conceived has only worked as long as people were eager to believe they were entitled to even more good fortune and every Ponzi schemer knows just how to sustain that belief. Incumbent Congressmen get reelected easily because they know how to promise more of what got them there in the first place. In order to end this vicious cycle once and for all, we the people have to do something none of us has ever done before, THROW THE BUMS OUT! It’s not rocket science. What we are doing cannot work any longer without severe consequences the likes of which none of us born after 1945 have ever seen. If you need more proof, just ask any octogenarian how much fun they had during the Great Depression or WWII?

I sincerely hope and pray it never comes to an implosion but I see no signs of the courage and sacrifice it will take for us to avert it. Most people I know aren’t even going to make it through this blog because it will be too heavy a topic. I wish I could make this funny but then again amusing ourselves has become the national pastime and maybe that’s our biggest problem. If we keep Laughing Out Loud we may not hear the tires screeching at all.

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3 Responses to “My karma just ran over your dogma.” (Unknown)

  1. gina fanelakis says:

    I definitely like this blog. Most people are so oblivious to these things. People live and die based on an imagined numbers game. It’s all just a concept of value that we have been roped into pushing on eachother…utter nonsense, made-up B.S.

  2. This cute piece of philosophy also sounds like “My car ran over your dog” and there’s nuthin’ you can do about it! So sorry! So it’s sort of an in-your-face dismissal of the other person’s deeply held (yet possibly illogical) point of view.

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