“Everybody wants to go to Heaven… but nobody want to go now.” (Jim Collins and Marty Dodson)

For such a simple little song this one sure has some deep implications. It makes me wonder, if Jesus knocked on my door and offered me a seat at his table today only, would I take it? Knowing my inquisitive nature, I would probably want to know more about his offer.

“Does this mean I might not get in at all later, if I decline now?”

“Will I get to see my family again eventually?”

“Will my Dad and my Grandfather be there?” “How about Bob Marley and Groucho Marx, did they make it?”

“What’s the food like?” “Can I still make my famous chocolate chip cookies?”

“Is there beer in Heaven?”

“Will I have to join the choir and sing hymns all day?”

“Can I go wherever I want to, like other galaxies?”

“Will my old dog Molly be there?” “I never got over putting her down.”

“Will I finally get all my questions answered?”

“Does this mean I have been forgiven for all my sins?” “Are you sure because I have some doozies?”

Let’s hope Jesus is as patient and kind and forgiving as we all need him to be. I kind of doubt that he would give me any specific answers because faith doesn’t really work that way. We don’t get to know what’s coming or why. We just get told, “It’s time to come home.” Which is why I think we need to focus on each day of our lives as a gift from God. One more day to drink a beer, listen to Bob Marley or just be with friends. I don’t think we can negotiate our way to salvation and we shouldn’t try. There’s a verse in this song that goes…

Said preacher maybe you didn’t see me …..Throw an extra twenty in the plate

There’s one for everything I did last night….. And one to get me through today

Here’s a ten to help you remember ….. Next time you got the good Lord’s ear

Say I’m comin’ but there ain’t no hurry….. I’m havin’ fun down here

Isn’t that exactly how we live our lives? I know I dragged myself to church more than a few times in my younger days. All of my friends would cram into the front row at church so we could help each other stay awake and so the people behind us couldn’t see if we dozed off. I guess I just wanted to make sure I had fresh sins to be forgiven each week. It never occurred to me that Almighty God would know better and my blatant attempt at deception was just one more thing he would have to forgive. And yet, I feel certain he did forgive me for those Saturday nights and a myriad of other poor choices I made in my youth. I hope working with foster children these last few years has evened the score slightly in my favor.

Even if my faith is strong enough to earn a trip to Heaven, would I go willingly today? I think I’m ready for the next big thing and every time I leave the house for a long drive, like the 14 hour day I had earlier this week, I realize it could be the last time I see my family. All it takes is one bad driver or a momentary distraction caused by children in the back seat and I could be given the answer once and for all. Then I have to accept the fact that the more I hold onto life and try to control my destiny the less I’m trusting God.

It’s my willingness to let go that keeps it all together. Faith isn’t a test taken over a lifetime. We already have all the answers we will ever need. We just have to open our hearts to all of God’s possibilities and wait for that tap on the shoulder. When my time comes, I will be ready.

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One Response to “Everybody wants to go to Heaven… but nobody want to go now.” (Jim Collins and Marty Dodson)

  1. DAb says:

    Ready here, Brother; particularly the more I’m hearing has been deftly woven into the Obamacare “taxation & freedom extraction act”!
    You’re recollections are scarily familiar!

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