“Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.” (Alfred North Whitehead)

I have good news for everybody who read my blog about the Lakota Sioux trying to buy back the area known as Pe’Sla in the Black Hills of South Dakota. They won the bid and they have the chance now to get all 2000 acres. The article I read didn’t exactly spell out where the remaining $8 million would come from but they did manage to raise about $340,000 in their online campaign. I have no way of knowing if my blog helped but it still feels good to know I tried. It has given me hope that social media can really change the world in amazing new ways and we should all be thankful for that.

I found this quote shortly after I wrote that blog about Pe’Sla and it seems totally appropriate now. Ideas won’t keep but it’s up to all of us to do something about them. Which brings me to my next challenge. I want to help my cousin Mary Miller and her husband Doug. They own a small bookstore, Turtle Town Books, in Nisswa, Minnesota. Mary and Doug are two of my favorite people on earth and they are doing all they can to make this venture successful. They work long hours and go out of their way to please their customers but they’re located in a tiny town about 3 hours north of Minneapolis. It’s mostly a summer vacation community and therefore they must make ends meet with 3 months of good sales and less during the rest of the year. I would love to help them by getting my readers to take up the challenge of sending them more business. They didn’t ask me to do this and I would like it to be a surprise when people start walking in saying, “Guy sent me.”

Here’s what you all can do to help. Each person who reads this blog can forward it on to their friends who like a challenge. The goal for all of us is to contact others who might know someone in Minnesota who could eventually visit their store in Nisswa. If you can’t think of anybody, then you can always visit their website at, http://turtletownnisswa.com I promise, you won’t be disappointed by the stuff they sell and the way they take care of customers. I can’t offer any kind of incentive for your efforts but I would be eternally grateful to those who take up my cause.

I really believe this is what the future of social media is all about, people sharing valuable information in ways that help other people. Even Facebook seems to be focusing more on the greater good than on self-involved trivia. There are plenty of ways for people to bring attention to themselves now but very few that reflect the light back to others. If writing this blog can help the Sioux keep their sacred ground in the Black Hills and bring more people to a small town bookstore in the Northwoods of Minnesota that would be worth every minute I have invested in these last 3 years on WordPress. Ideas won’t keep and I intend to do everything I can to bring good ideas to anybody who will listen. If you have a cause or a friend in need please let me know the back story so I can write about it here. I think this is my calling now and I am only too happy to make a difference for others with my words.

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