“I prefer to live my life believing in the slightest possibility that there is a God rather than knowing with absolute certainty that there is not.” (Guy Horst)

Last night was a great reminder of God’s presence in my life. In the middle of a ferocious storm, I was able to avoid certain death by utilizing driving skills I didn’t know I had. There are only two possible explanations for why I’m still here today; either I’m the greatest defensive driver of all time or God needs me to do more work here on Earth. I do things behind the wheel I should not be able to do, period. My vision and reaction time are ridiculously out of proportion to my age and my ability to instantly choose the best path is critical to making it home each night. Last night, it was a two-year girl quietly sobbing in the back seat, on her first day in foster care, who survived with me. I prefer to think God was watching out for me and my young friend.

This title quote was a direct result of last night’s near death experience. I don’t really have any better explanation for my faith other than this simple declaration. Without the possibility of the presence of God, I doubt that I would have the serenity necessary to stay calm in an emergency. That serenity comes from a firm conviction that death is not the end of existence. I don’t fear death because it’s out of my hands. I don’t get to choose when or where it happens. There is real peace in letting go of that reality. The real question we all face is this, “Why do we wait to start living?”

I’m just as guilty of procrastination as anybody. I worked hard, got married, raised a family and went through the motions just like everybody else but I never stopped to ask myself, “What comes next?” I was raised to believe in God and the hereafter but I never really put any effort into how or why that mattered to me now. It wasn’t until I started spending my days with foster children that I began to realize the truth. Faith in God is manifested by faith in each other. God’s not asking, “What have you done for me?” He’s asking, “What have you done for your fellow-man?”

It’s really easy to misplace our faith in God and most of us prefer the clearest path to eternity by proudly proclaiming our faith for all to hear. What if He’s not listening to our words but rather looking at our actions, especially our actions toward the rest of humanity? How many of us are willing to bet our future in Heaven against our deeds on Earth?

I think God is with me every step of the way and when I needed Him the most, like last night, He gave me the ability to save that child. It was my hands on the wheel and my eyes that recognized the danger and my brain that made the right decision but it was God’s will that I was acting on. He wanted that little girl to have another chance for happiness some day and He put me there to help her along her way. No one can convince me that the intersection of our two lives was not meant to be. I may never see her again and she probably won’t remember our close call but somehow I know I made a difference. That is my job. Let’s face it, that’s everybody’s job.

Every day that we breathe in fresh air we owe it to God and the rest of the planet to make a difference for somebody else. Our lives intersect with hundreds of people and every meeting is an opportunity that only comes once. Once is all it takes to practice your faith and live your life to its fullest. When my turn comes to die then I will know I have done enough. Thanks again Lord for giving me another day to make a difference.

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3 Responses to “I prefer to live my life believing in the slightest possibility that there is a God rather than knowing with absolute certainty that there is not.” (Guy Horst)

  1. kcsuz says:

    You’re my inspiration!!!! xo

  2. gwenna says:

    God knows you and depends on you! So delighted we are sharing this lifespan! 🙂 🙂

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