” I was never less alone than when by myself.” (Edward Gibbon)

When I’m not here tapping away at my keyboard, I’m out traversing the highways of Kansas with my entourage of foster kids. This affords me a substantial amount of time alone with my thoughts. Time alone behind the wheel isn’t a recent development either. Pretty much every job I’ve had, since I turned 16, has included a lot of driving. I passed the million mile mark some time back and last year I drove more than 80,000 miles.

That’s a lot of solitude but this quote does a good job of explaining my experience. I need to be alone to collect my thoughts and organize them into some semblance of order that lends itself to this blog. Solitude is a very crowded place for me. I’m happiest as the ringleader of the circus that is my mind when I let it out of its, metaphorical, cage. I feel certain that most writers share this approach to their craft.

It’s not that I dislike interacting with people, far from it. With the right group of friends, I can spend hours digesting useful information from people who know far more than I do and frequently those revelations turn up here on grhgraph. I love to ask questions and poke fun at life’s absurdity but only when there’s something to be learned. I have drawn  the line at participating in most forms of social media because the rampant narcissism present there is just a waste of time and I don’t have that much left before I go on to the next experience.

Actually, my favorite subject for self-reflection is the great unknown. I spend more of my alone time on that topic than any other. That’s just a matter of practicality. The vast majority of people I know do not share my enthusiasm for pondering life after death. I know there’s something incredible coming after this and I can’t wait to meet my maker. He has given me a truly wonderful life filled with discoveries, hard work and plenty of time for intellectual curiosity and self-realization. What more could I ask for? If He needs me there with Him tomorrow, then I will be ready, willing and able to take the great commission and follow wherever He leads me.

Oops, sorry, I probably let you get too close to the circus. It’s not that I’m anxiously waiting to die but wasting time worrying about the end seems like we’re missing the point entirely. It’s not about how long we live, it’s about how much! All we have is our experiences and the knowledge we gain that bears the fruit of wisdom. Keeping all of that cooped up in the dusty old shelves of my brain where no one can find or use it would make my life a wasted existence. I would rather be dead than living without a purpose. In my quietest moments of complete solitude I found my purpose in my work with foster children and my ability to artfully write a blog. My greatest wish is that all of you find yours too.

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