“Narcissism, it’s not for everybody.” (Guy Horst)

Hello world. Would you like to try something completely different today? Really? Are you sure? It could be a challenge and it might make you feel weird? OK, if you say so, but just remember it was your choice.

Now turn off your phone or computer and go outside. You can check back in with me later tonight or tomorrow when I finish my thoughts. Really, it’s OK, it will still be there when you get back from your walk.

Wow, that was wonderful. A day without electronics. Here’s how it went. We went to church with my daughter and her fiancé Bob. After lunch I took my car in for an oil change and stopped at the store for some early season sweet corn. When I got home, I rounded up the recyclables and took them up to the Ripple Glass container. That’s actually a few months worth of beer bottles, I swear.


Later in the day, my wife and I worked on the flower beds and now they look like this.


We had dandelion leaves as part of our salad for dinner, along with the corn. Just before dark, I took our dog, Indy, for a walk and we met up with the new family of foxes that lives by the park. I would have gotten a photo but Indy was going crazy and it was all I could do to keep him on the leash, so picture taking was out of the question.


On the way home from our walk, two women stopped to talk about Indy. I think they were hitting on me but I’ll just give Indy the credit. I was hot today but not that kind of hot.

So on my day without the internet, I spent time with family, did my part to free up space for more beer drinking, shucked some corn, got some exercise with the dog and made the backyard a little more enjoyable for all the people who walk by our house and appreciate our flower beds. By staying away from digital media I was able to find more joy in simple pleasures and see the world firsthand. Freeing myself from my electronic leash is something I need to do more often and it reminds me how self-absorbed I feel when the internet becomes a habit.

I don’t ever want to be stuck in my house watching the world go by on a 15″ screen. It’s not enough and it will never be as much fun as human interaction and the real world of flowers, animals and smiling faces. I think these last two pictures will make my point.


Which one would you rather be seeing right now?

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