“Integrity has no need of rules.” (Albert Camus)

This is one of my favorite quotes and somehow it finally found its way into my subconscious dream last night. It’s probably the result of too many times lately when my integrity has bumped up against the rules the state has instituted for the care of foster children. If we all had enough integrity, we wouldn’t need rules to govern our behavior. Unfortunately, integrity is in such short supply that we are left with rules for everything. Here’s how the collision of these two opposing forces exploded in my dream last night.

I woke up this morning not rested at all and with a headache to match. As I sat down for breakfast and popped open my laptop, I was surprised to find an old TV test pattern on my screen and it kept repeating the same audio message, “Stay tuned for an important public announcement at noon today.” I could do nothing to remove this virus from the computer so I went to check my phone. It had the same message and it wasn’t working either. Then I checked the TV and it was no different. I even tried my one TV with an antenna and it was there as well. With my head still reeling from the pain, I went back to bed and set my clock for 11:45.

I tossed and turned for a few hours but I can’t say it helped. Finally, I got up, took a shower and got dressed just in time for the big news. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV just in time to see the test pattern slowly fade to black and the same voice begin to speak.  “Greetings people of Earth, this is your Lord God Almighty speaking to you in every language so that all can hear my words. I come to you in person today to clearly communicate my plans for your continuing existence on this planet. It has become abundantly clear to me that the evolution of the human race has reached a critical point. And yes, evolution is part of my plan. It’s the natural outcome of having free will and you all have taken full advantage of that. You now stand ready to take the next great leap forward in your development, if you freely choose. There’s just one catch. This time you will go it alone. I won’t be there to save you if you make the wrong choices. That is what you wanted isn’t it, the right to do whatever makes you happy?

You now have the intellectual capacity to reason, to decide and to act on your best interests so why would you want me around anyway? I could have made you into slaves that blindly followed my every whim but then faith wouldn’t mean much would it? No, I gave you free will and asked you to believe in me without any real proof of my existence. Some of you have been faithful but most of you have chosen to ignore my expectation to “Love one another as thyself.” That’s your right and I’m only a little surprised you made that choice. Free will works both ways and having control over your own destiny is a powerful motivator in the evolution of humans.

If you ever tried to understand my intentions you might have noticed that I really didn’t expect that much. Thou shall not kill, lie, steal, cheat, envy or have any other gods before me seemed to me to be a fairly reasonable request but again some of those can conflict with your desire to get ahead in life. Having a conscience and a higher purpose in life does make it a lot harder to be successful, so I can see where my expectations have met with the most resistance. Again, it was your choice and I respect you for making your own decisions. It’s just that my expectations are kind of essential to humanity as a whole. When you put your wants ahead of others needs you make it really hard for someone else to have enough to survive. I was hoping that fairness and a sense of togetherness would be self-evident ways to live as opposed to the mantra of me first, last and only. That’s the problem with free will, it’s unpredictable, even for someone as omnipotent as I. I chose not to control your every thought and I still believe that was the right decision in spite of the many great tragedies that mankind has brought on itself with avarice, hatred and the lust for power. You all made the choices and you all paid the price. It’s not what I wanted for you, but you didn’t ask me for advice.

Now it’s time to make another individual choice, and this one’s the biggest one yet. I am preparing another planet like Earth, in a parallel universe, and I am looking for people who would like to start a new life there. The people who go there will have an entirely different expectation this time around. This time the expectation will be absolute and undeniable. You will love one another as yourself or else you will be put to death immediately. It’s just another theory I want to test that given the highest possible expectation of existence, most true believers will easily accept this responsibility because the benefit far outweighs the cost. By establishing a new world where fairness and equality are the greatest achievements anyone can hope for, all of the bad parts of humanity will be eliminated. There will be no need for armies or policemen to enforce the power of the few over the many. There will be no need to legislate an endless supply of rules that govern all human interactions. On the other hand, there will be unlimited time to educate everyone, to fulfill every individual’s capacity for humanity and to share the joys of life.

I will give you all 24 hours to make your decision. I promise that the new planet will have all of the natural wonders that Earth does and your lives there will be every bit as good as the best parts of this planet. I also promise to remove every vestige of my name from the Earth, when I go. After tomorrow, there will be no recollection that God was ever part of this planet’s history. Every building and institution that ever used my name will be removed and the space will be taken up by green grass. I will also take with me the Constitution of the United States because it was written with my influence. There will be no printed money in any country of the world because most of it has my name on it. You’re all pretty good at printing lots of that so it shouldn’t be a huge problem to replace it. There will be no laws of any kind in your new godless world but since you are all so good at making decisions that best serve you, it should be easy to make up some new ones. The good news is that you really don’t need that many, this time around. Free will makes rules pretty irrelevant. I mean, if it feels good, you should be able to do it and without faith based morality to get in your way, there will be no absolute rules to argue with anyway.

Those of you who prefer to stay here will get everything you truly deserve, I promise that too. I will not intervene in any way to alter the future of Earth based on the choices you make as individuals going forward. This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime for those of you who prefer free will over faith. I am excited to see exactly how the two Earths progress from this point forward. And finally, I will get to test the theory put forth by Albert Camus that, ‘Integrity has no need of rules’.”

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11 Responses to “Integrity has no need of rules.” (Albert Camus)

  1. Marilyn Taylor says:

    Bravo! Well done. Sign me up for the new planet!

  2. gwenna Hendrix says:

    ok! I get it!

  3. Susan d. Kenneth says:


  4. duaneburman says:

    Thanks for quoted this post, Guy. I had missed it and am sharing on FACEBOOK…interesting to see what discussion “evokes” & “evolves”!.

    • grhgraph says:

      I would love to evoke some discussion with this post. It has been the most popular one since 2016 began. I was just trying to imagine the possibility of a world without God at all. Not one I would be up for would you?

  5. timeinmyhand says:

    Indeed, we were vastly robbed/cheated when we chose to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Imagine what we had before… we possessed the ability to walk and speak to God and to learn His knowledge. The knowledge of God. The knowledge of good and evil is just that… God is the only truly pure good thing… which means that we gained the ability to know what can be good and to know what can truly be bad. People can try to maintain a balance in “Good” but that is like buying a fake purse or watch and showing it off as genuine. It will come apart at the seams and the parts will not last over time. You can’t have or be truly good and not accept the gifts of Good that God gives. The Fruit of the Spirit are Good.
    What could we have done with the knowledge of God rather then the knowledge of good and evil (The catch is the evil.) God was walking in the garden and teaching Adam everything wonderful. What could we have learned from God? How to create planets? How to fly? Travel through space? No man knows what wonders the Father has in store.
    What I find interesting about Hell is… it is actually God just taking His goodness away from a place forever. Ask yourself how bad can evil be? Woe to those who choose to find out.

  6. Szymon says:

    I am sorry I am preoccupied but will come back to read your thoughts, could I ask you kindly for the source of Camus qoute, I hope it is from some book ? 🙂

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