“Man…..is a messenger who has forgotten the message.” (Abraham Heschel)

I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories but the prospect of aliens landing near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 has always intrigued me. Unfortunately, once we attach the words, intelligent beings, to their description it all falls apart. I can think of no good reason why any intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe would bother to come here. If they crashed here in 1947 it was purely an accident. The only possible explanation I can offer is that they might have come here to warn us about our blind faith in technology and where it might take us in the future. Allow me to explain this possibility.

1945 was the beginning of the atomic age. We ended WWII with two atomic bombs and the reality of the devastation was undeniable. Two Japanese cities were reduced to smoldering ashes in a matter of seconds and the world was shocked beyond belief that humanity had sunk to its lowest level in history. Now, some would argue that dropping the atomic bombs actually saved lives because America was planning to invade mainland Japan and that would have meant death for a million people. (My father was a Marine then and he was scared to death that he wouldn’t make it back if the Marines were told to fight their way to Tokyo to end the war. I wouldn’t be here if he had died in the invasion.) But because President Truman had more courage than most presidents, he made the ultimate decision to end it as quickly as possible. He actually gave the Japanese fair warning before both bombs dropped but the Japanese were incredibly proud and Hiroshima just wasn’t enough to convince them. Nagasaki finally proved the point, that resistance was futile.

Once the power of atomic energy was revealed, the whole world took notice and began experimenting with its potential for devastation and sustainable energy. It wouldn’t surprise me if two atomic bombs got the attention of aliens on a distant planet, especially if they had already discovered its power. If they had the means of space travel, then maybe it took them two years to get here and observe our stupidity firsthand. Even in 1947, the Earth was a scarred planet after two world wars in thirty years. They might have been awed by the destruction we inflicted on ourselves. So much so that they would have been hesitant to make contact with such a violent civilization. How would we even begin to explain to another life form why we insist on killing each other so often and with such incredible efficiency? I can only imagine what they might have been thinking about us and the word civilization probably was rejected outright as a huge contradiction.

My only possible explanation for any contact they might have made was that they wanted to help us avoid more pain and suffering. A truly civilized creature would want to help other life forms adapt and overcome their cruel nature. Death and destruction would make no sense to a higher form of life and they might have enough empathy for our plight that they took a great risk by contacting us and they paid for it with their own lives. Maybe they made the greatest sacrifice possible to show us how to be civilized. Unfortunately, they couldn’t survive on this planet long enough to teach us the most important parts of humanity, like using technology for the good of all and teaching our children to love one another. Instead, they may have left us with revolutionary technology like micro-chips, new forms of metallurgy and space travel propulsion systems which created an instant leap forward in our technology without a similar improvement in our wisdom.

The technological advances of the last 70 years have been mind-boggling to say the least. We have not, however, developed as intelligent beings at a consistent pace. We now have smartphones that are really handheld computers with unlimited potential for connecting us to the world at large and the greatest minds of all time but we use them to check our status on Facebook. We have voluminous amounts of information at our finger tips yet we accept the first answer at the top of a Google search as the definitive truth even though someone may have paid to put it there.We can talk with anyone, virtually anywhere but we prefer to peck away at a tiny keyboard with the least amount of effort we can possibly muster. Emotions and humanity that might be exchanged and mutually experienced are reduced to emoticons and acronyms. None of this technology is making us more civilized. If anything, it’s shrinking our existence into ever smaller circles of people who share our exact values no matter how tiny that group might become. We display little, if any, interest in the world at large and the plight of others if they don’t fit with our world view. This isn’t civilization at its best, it’s humanity at its worst.

We have all the tools to make our lives better but none of the desire to try harder. We have achieved gross knowledge but very little pure wisdom. Technology without compassion is a dangerous thing. It makes us less likely to care about others and more likely to become selfish, prejudiced and small-minded. We can’t even begin to call ourselves civilized until we start caring for each other, start sharing all the blessings of life,  start accepting our differences and stop killing those we don’t understand. Higher forms of life could teach us a lot if we were more willing to accept the wonderful possibilities that exist elsewhere in the universe. I would be happy to see Klaatu and and his robot, Gort, drop down out of the sky like they did in the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, if it would end wars and give us a chance at survival as a species.

Our day of reckoning is coming faster now than any of us wants to admit. We now have the potential to end life on this planet with the push of a button and the more we bury our heads in the sands of ignorance and denial, the closer we inch toward Armageddon. On the other hand, we each have an unlimited capacity for love, compassion, friendship, joy, kindness and faith in all mankind as one species that needs to be saved. If we would put all of our efforts into applying ourselves for the benefit of all humankind, we could achieve everything that we ever wanted. Now that I think about it, isn’t that just the same message Jesus gave us 2000 years ago? Have we just forgotten it? Maybe a higher form of life has already walked among us and showed us the way. That’s the message I believe in.

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4 Responses to “Man…..is a messenger who has forgotten the message.” (Abraham Heschel)

  1. Lotte Blot says:

    The last 3 sentences ‘nailed’ it!!! Our goal should be to strive to live the life that Jesus came and brought us. Excellent writing!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • grhgraph says:

      Thanks Lotte,
      I try to tell stories that anyone might find interesting but by the end it often comes back to a story about faith. I loved the quote too. It really helps to start with great material when I’m weaving the fabric of truth.

  2. Dick Kuhn says:

    Hi Guy,

    Good message. Agree that Jesus is the way. Heard a great sermon recently in a very small country church near Gypsum, Ks and the Pastor referred to us as Hopelessly Evil. That pretty much describes me, as much as I dislike thinking about it. I thank our Heavenly Father each day for His grace and extraordinary goodness. Sending Jesus as our Savior is the greatest gift ever. I constantly try to be more like Jesus, but fail. His gift, grace and forgiveness are my only hope and for that I am extremely thankful. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great day. Blessings, Dick


    • grhgraph says:

      This message needs to be repeated every day. We can all have better, happier lives if we just practice what we preach. I hope I live long enough to see it happen.

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