“God answers all prayers and sometimes the answer is, ‘Yes’.” (Guy R. Horst)

In my work with foster children I am required to be on-call for 24 hours at least once a month. In this job, on-call means we go whenever and wherever a kid needs help. So when the phone rang at 1:30 AM this morning I wasn’t surprised to hear the latest tragedy. As I roused myself from hardly any sleep, I could hear the thunder rumbling in the distance as the lightning illuminated the room. Then the reality set in. I was going to drive 100 miles south of Kansas City and get a teenage girl who was waiting for me in the ER. She had just been taken from the home and she was having a really bad day. From her bed in the hospital she was going to be taken by a strange man (that would be me) to her destination at the psychiatric hospital in Kansas City, Kansas. I got there at 3:45 expecting the worst but praying for anything to make it better. I called ahead to the case worker and got her history, or what passes for critical information on her first day of foster care. It was the same story I’ve heard a hundred times in 7+ years but at least she wasn’t brought to hysterics by the sight of me. To most of these kids, I’m their worst nightmare come true.

We got into the car at 4 AM and she just went to sleep. I was going to be on my own again for the next three hours of white knuckle driving in the huge storm that was hovering right over my destination. Each time I face this same moment of truth, I take a few minutes to pray. I don’t ask for much, just, please God help me get her there safely. It’s always a challenge when faith is your only protection. As I drove back north on one of the worst roads in Kansas, I was staring straight at the storm but it was still a ways off. After the first hour I was getting intermittent cloud bursts but nothing substantial. After the second hour, I was on the south side of town and it still hadn’t affected me. I could see it had been pouring as I neared the hospital but I must have been right behind it the whole time and missed all of it. I got home again at 7 AM and then another storm kept me from getting any more sleep but miraculously I missed all of it by minutes going both ways.

Five hours and 250 miles of answered prayers was a great reminder of how God works in my life. Without faith I might not have had the courage to make that drive and help that girl. I would not have gone for a drive in that weather for any other reason but to serve Him and her. That’s my job title now more than anything else, just plain servant. He points the way and I choose to follow, no matter how bad it looks. I believe that’s the only way I can prove what’s in my heart. I accepted the calling, I prayed for His help and He gave me the courage to follow my heart and His timing was perfect, so I earned another chance to try again. I think all of life is no more complicated than this. We all have trials, we all need help, we all can make a difference for others and we all get tested by our faith in God. The only question that remains is this expectation, “Which way will we go when it’s our turn to serve God?”

Last night, as I headed right for the storm, I prayed for divine intervention and He said, “Yes!”

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8 Responses to “God answers all prayers and sometimes the answer is, ‘Yes’.” (Guy R. Horst)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is so full of Truth. Our God is so amazing ……..He answers our prayers we pray in faith…..totally trusting Him.. Thank you for this inspiring writing!!!

  2. Sharon Johnson says:

    I admire you for trusting God and being his hands and feet to kids in need. Your dad would be very proud of you.

  3. Dick Kuhn says:

    Great story Guy. Thanks for all you do. You are a good and faithful servant and I’m confident our great God has rewards for you. Hearing your stories and working with the homeless man in Independence has made me aware of the terrible conditions some people live with every day. We are truly blessed and I’m so thankful for God’s extraordinary goodness each day. Take care and be safe. Blessings! Dick


  4. Joyce Parker says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Guy.

    • grhgraph says:

      It was just one day when things actually worked out for the best and I wanted to be thankful for everything I get. Today was just the opposite. Everything went wrong but none of it was actually life or death type problems. The sheer insanity of the foster care system boggles my mind so I guess the few good days kind of get extra attention. I just keep trying to remind people that we all need help and there are so many ways to lend a hand. Thanks for reading. It’s always good to hear encouragement for my writing.

      • Joyce Parker says:

        I am a faithful reader and am always happy when I receive a notice of your newest post.

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