“Too much of nothing.” (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan wrote this song in 1967. I think he was trying to tell us about the future of America where the love of money would leave us with, too much of nothing. It’s nearly 50 years later and we’re about to elect a new president. Our choices are going to be a woman who just wants the job so she can be remembered as the first female president and a man who just wants the job so he can be remembered as the biggest winner of all time. Too much of nothing, indeed.

America is on a path that leads to a whole lot of nothing. I’m not so sure we’re not already there. Of course, my worldview is somewhat jaded by the fact that I work with foster children and families that have nothing going for them. When the government has to take care of so many children because their families can’t, it tends to make the future look pretty dim. I can only imagine what this generation of kids is going to experience 10 years down the road. It will not be pretty and we will all share the consequences of too much of nothing. We could change things for the better but it won’t be because our leaders rose to the occasion. It could happen, if we the people decide to make it happen but our love of money will make it very difficult. Selflessness is not our best thing.

This is not the first time the world has experienced this phenomenon. The years between the end of WWI and the beginning of WWII were very similar. The post war greed of the 1920’s was followed by the devastation of the 1930’s. We really seem to struggle with the lessons of history and the fact that too much greed always leads to a horrible outcome. Even Henry Ford understood that for his company to thrive, he had to pay his workers a decent salary so they could afford to buy his cars. He was a capitalist but one with common sense. His success was directly tied to the success of the middle class that he helped create. Good for him that he got rich by helping others achieve more. But that was a hundred years ago, I’m still waiting for the next great business leader to come along and it’s not Donald Trump.

I’m also waiting for the next great president and neither of these candidates has what it takes to lead us out of the swamp we are in now. I could do a better job than either one of these empty suits but I wouldn’t sell my soul to get there, so that takes me out of the running. If anyone out there still thinks these candidates haven’t sold out to get where they are, then please stop kidding yourselves. Whoever wins will be given the keys to the treasury and their donors will be in line for all the government handouts they can get. This is the essence of the rage that average Americans feel now. Elections are bought and paid for by people who only want more in return and the average Joe taxpayer gets only the scraps. This country has more than enough for everybody but too much of nothing always ends up at the top where it has the least benefit for the majority of us.

Now, I’m done ranting. Here’s my solution. We should have a one day labor strike. Everybody who isn’t in a critical position  (police, firemen, EMT’s, nurses, doctors, the military, and transportation etc.) should all take the same day off. Let’s make the point that we aren’t going to accept the existing system anymore. Maybe the rich need to be reminded that their lives wouldn’t be so easy if it weren’t for average people like you and me who do most of the real work in this country. They might have to drive their own cars, they might have to go to the grocery store and cook their own dinner, they might have to wait in line at the hospital, they might have to bring their own lunch to work, they might not be able to get Starbucks, they might not have phone service, they might not get their baggage at the airport in time or a million other jobs they take for granted. But you know what would really happen, they would be willing to pay any amount of money to get what they wanted for one day and that, my friends, says it all. They have too much of nothing.

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