“The Tale of Jack and the Bean Counters.”

Editor’s Note – I wrote this post in 2012 during the last election cycle. It didn’t have any effect then but now that our government has gotten even more out of control maybe it’s time to repeat, “The Tale of Jack and the Bean Counters.”

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Long ago in the Kingdom of Beanlandia lived the good King Cyrus. Cyrus had ruled his kingdom for many years and was loved by all his people. Beanlandia was known far and wide for its fertile fields and the best beans grown anywhere. The farmers in Beanlandia could grow any kind of bean and the whole economy of the country was based on beans. As King, Cyrus owned everything but he always allowed his people to keep 10% of the beans to feed their families. The rest of the crops were kept in the beanery managed by the Ministry of Beans. The government employed literally hundreds of people to count the beans each day and keep an exact tally of who grew them, what kind, where they were stored and who they were exported to. These people were highly regarded and well paid and given the title of Benevolent Bean Counter.

This system…

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