“The modern patriotism, the true patriotism, the only rational patriotism is loyalty to the nation all the time, but loyalty to the government only when it deserves it.” (Mark Twain)

I am at a loss for words to describe the election we are about to have. We have a choice between despicable and deplorable and both are equally bad. My main fear is that whoever wins this race, they will end up acting like royalty. It took 240 years but we finally managed to forget what tyranny feels like. Well, we’re all going to get a refresher course in the value of liberty and the reason we have three equal parts to our government. The next president will be a tyrant because that’s what we want, apparently.

We, the people of the United States, are giving up every right we have ever earned by giving in to the temptation these two candidates represent. This is a race to see who can be the least most horrible candidate not the brilliant leader we need. In reality, no one with any amount of real character and values would ever put themselves through the election process anymore.We get candidates who are the dregs of a system corrupted by power brokers and the media. If you won’t sell your soul, you can’t get elected to any office higher than the local school board. When that happens, the democratic system breaks down and all of us suffer.

I doubt that anything I say will change the course of history but I’m going to try once more to express what most of us are feeling right now. The American Dream ain’t what it used to be so maybe we need to redefine what that means so that the next president will have some idea what we really want from our government. For most of us, the American Dream is pretty basic. We want to work at jobs we care about for companies who actually care about us as employees not numbers. We want a paycheck we can live on. One that makes the house payment and sends our kids to decent schools where the 3 R’s are still taught. We would prefer that our kids didn’t have to die in some primitive country, defending people who wouldn’t recognize freedom if they had it, just so those vets can pay for college when they come home from the next war. We’re all willing to die for our own freedom but stop asking us to die for others who never help themselves.

We want elected officials who recognize the eternal value of the Constitution and will make decisions based on the values of the majority of Americans. That is the way the system was designed because minority rule is just a euphemism for tyranny. We want a government that gives us opportunities not oppression. We all know what it takes to succeed so please get out of our way while we try. We also want a level playing field where the rules are the same for all and no one can purchase favoritism. Let the best ideas win no matter who comes up with them. Let those who try the hardest, work the smartest and earn their rewards get what they deserve and let’s honor their tenacity, not punish their success. And let’s have a tax code that makes sense to everybody, not just accountants.

We also want to live in a country where no one has to fear the possibility of bankruptcy caused by medical expenses.We shouldn’t have to pay $20 for an aspirin in the hospital just so the insurance company can pay their CEO $20 million. That’s just legalized extortion, not the free market at work. We want to know what the real costs are so we can make informed decisions for ourselves. Just tell us the truth, we can handle it.

We also want more control close to home. The federal government should return our tax dollars to the states so we can decide how to spend those dollars without compliance strings attached. We worked hard for that money and we know precisely what we need to do with it. Please stay out of it, you’re not helping us at all. We do not need bloated bureaucracies skimming off the top and leaving us with less than we gave you in the first place. Every state has unique circumstances that no one in Washington can comprehend so please stop trying to tell us how to live.

All of this is just common sense. People are happy, productive and free when they know they can achieve their biggest dreams. A government that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people should understand this concept. We the people want all the benefits of freedom and none of the costs of tyranny. We the people having been doing our part, working hard, paying taxes, even dying when called upon and voting for the people we thought would best represent us for 2oo+ years. Therefore, I think it’s only fair to ask those elected officials this simple question, “When are you going to start doing your part?”

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6 Responses to “The modern patriotism, the true patriotism, the only rational patriotism is loyalty to the nation all the time, but loyalty to the government only when it deserves it.” (Mark Twain)

  1. Nancy Pace says:

    I guess I pretty much agree with Bernie Sanders. I’m sorry his views didn’t have a chance to spread further before time caught up with his campaign. I’m supporting OurRevolution now, the Democratic Socialist party, which isn’t fielding a candidate until next time (Bernie’s agreement). BTW, I’m 70. I think this DS gradual approach toward supporting people instead of war, corporations, wall street/banks, etc. is our country’s best hope. Both Trump and Clinton will get us into WWIII–Trump because he’s intemperate, and Hillary for that, and because she’s a scared war hawk completely tied up with the traditionally-militarist Big Violence folk. Namaste friend – Nancy 🙂

    • grhgraph says:

      I think Sanders was the only one who was being honest which effectively ended his campaign. I don’t see much difference between the other two. Just typical establishment candidates who say whatever they have to for votes and then do whatever they want to when they get in office. I don’t know that true socialism is the answer but if some hybrid form could be developed we might have a chance. My fear is that WWIII is much more likely with either of these two. G0d help us all.

  2. Dick Kuhn says:

    Hi Guy,

    Well said and done. It is unbelieveable to me that we the people allow this system to go on as it is. I was always a business major and I think you were too. We focused on business in the best way we know how. But where are the seemingly hundreds of political science majors that I knew while at KSU? I always wondered how they could ever find employment with that major. Anyway they must like the political process and why are they allowing it to remain such a terrible mess? Warren Buffet has offered an outstanding suggestion about how to get rid of the current politicians who fail to produce. Why haven’t thousands of “we the people” jumped behind his idea or the other good common sense ideas to get something good accomplished? I can’t believe we allow this to go on. I truly believe if Hillary gets elected, it will be like many have said, the good ol’ USA will be totally history and truly unfixable. My only hope is knowing that our great God is in charge regardless of what happens. Based on our behavior, I understand how/why He is ticked off enough to allow this to happen. My only hope is in Him. Good job writing! Dick


    • grhgraph says:

      We are on the verge of the new dark ages. We have simply forgotten what tyranny feels like and why freedom is worth dying for. Common sense has no place in politics anymore so this is just our fate. The founders would be stunned to see us capitulate so easily.

  3. Connie Maki says:

    Amen! I agree with you. The sign out front of a local church reads, “Jesus Christ is coming. Hopefully before the election.”

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m about ready to build another log cabin at the lake and retire there just to get away from all the insanity that’s coming. See you there?

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