“People love each other, sure it’s the only way to be.” (Brewer & Shipley)

Lord, it’s me again. Now that You’ve answered my prayers with a great husband for my daughter and an amazing wife for my son, I would like to take a moment to express my thanks. Love is the greatest blessing ever given to mankind and it makes everything we do even more incredible. I just pray that everyone alive today gets to experience true love and the sooner the better.

No doubt You’ve noticed Lord that the world of today is a troubled place. People seem to be less intrigued by the prospect of love and more devoted to the pursuit of selfishness and enmity. We seem to be hell-bent on finding faults in everyone else while we blindly ignore our own failings. I’m 63 years old and I’m still waiting to meet someone who is perfect. On a good day, I still can’t count all my faults on two hands. I do the best I can with my imperfections and I rely on You to help me with my daily leap of faith. Thanks for that too.

Now that I’m a grandfather, I’m really wondering what kind of future my grandchildren will inherit. I hope You have a plan for us but I know You think free will is very important and we should make our own choices, no matter how poorly we might choose. I understand that mankind is a work in progress and we all have a part to play in the outcome but a gentle nudge in the right direction might be a good idea right about now. You can even have my life if you think it would help people appreciate the importance of self-sacrifice. I would gladly give my own life to ensure a better future for my kids and grandkids. You gave a Son for me so I know You’re not asking too much.

Lord, give us peace, love and harmony. Help us find the good in everyone we meet and teach us to be compassionate. We all want a better future but we all need each other to help us get there. The title says it all, “People love each other, sure it’s the only way to be.”


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